Ricky Tomlin

Two Color Press Operator, “Git’r Done!”

Ricky is a Nashville native, and after living in the city most of his life, he now enjoys life in the suburbs! He is passionate about his health and always sees his glass “half full.”

Ricky began his career in printing early, in 1986, when he started his first job as a pressman. At The Print Authority, he runs spot color jobs, envelopes and labels. Ricky is dedicated to quality workmanship. He really likes his job and his co-workers, and he sometimes serves as Director of Music for the production area of the operation!

Experience: 32 years in the printing industry, 13 years at The Print Authority.

Favorite TV Shows: American Pickers, American Idol, X Factor, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, etc.

Favorite Music: Rock, Metal

Favorite Activities: Working out, eating right, chillin’ at home with the wife!