Top 5 Printers In Brentwood, Tennessee

Like any other supplier or partner for your business, finding the best, local printing services may not be as easy as it sounds. Consider the factors. Do they have a convenient turnaround time? Reasonable prices? High reviews? A large variety of services? Years of experience? As you know, the list goes on and on. When it comes to finding reliable and quality printers in Brentwood, Tenessee, we understand why the idea itself may seem daunting.

However, take it from us – you have nothing to worry about! We’ve compiled the best printing companies in Tennessee as your go-to guide for when you need printing locally. Take your pick and print, print, print!

1. The Print Authority

The Print Authority is the printing company you didn’t know you needed. If you are new to anything or everything printing-related, this company will guide you through the process. They understand that the process is just as important as the final product!

Plus, The Print Authority definitely knows their paper, ink, and printing techniques. With 25+ years of experience and over 40,000 web to print orders (and counting!), they can literally get your ideas out of your head and onto paper.

Whether you’re looking for flyers, posters, menus, envelopes, or folders, The Print Authority can produce it. Plus, with their printing fulfillment services, you can have your company’s products shipped across the country to various franchise locations. You no longer have to track down printers in various states to fulfill bulk orders that could be easily produced in one place for a cheaper price.

On top of all of this, they are known for their speed and flexibility, producing quality work in an efficient manner. If you’ve got a tough job, rest easy knowing The Print Authority can handle it.

2. Ark Content

Ark Content began as a dream in the mind of a young college student. Today it has transformed into a flourishing start-up that blends creativity and business. With everything from social media, to printing, to graphic design, Ark Content is a one-stop shop for your next creative project.

In the realm of printing, they specialize in business cards, menus, and various signage. They also offer t-shirt printing and design for those looking to customize apparel!

3. Allegra

The Allegra team works with every facet of marketing and print communications so they can see your idea through from conception to creation. They tout their flexibility, so if you’re in a crunch for time, these guys are a go-to. When it comes to finding print solutions, Allegra is best known for large format printing, mail services, and web marketing integration.

4. SpeedPro Imaging

If you’ve got a large format graphic, such as a vehicle wrap, wall mural, or banner, SpeedPro Imaging is right up your alley. While many printing companies promise that they can fulfill any order, this company really can handle your large orders. They are best known for producing products for tradeshow displays, event graphics, or other large format graphics. Rent that space on a billboard–then call SpeedPro Imaging.

5. CCADReprographics 

CCADReprogrpahics is a specialty print shop, specializing in black and white digital imaging for engineers, architects, construction companies, and developers. If your company is searching for a place to create a hard copy of your blueprints, come to CCAD.

Choosing the Best Printers in Brentwood, Tennessee

With decades of experience in the Brentwood, Tennessee area, we can handle everything from graphic design to digital and offset printing. If you are ready to bring your traditional marketing strategy to life, contact the experts at The Print Authority today to learn about your options.

Direct Mail Marketing Envelopes: Envelopes That Get Opened

Mistakenly, some businesses are discounting direct mail marketing altogether as an effective marketing strategy. Little do they know, direct mail is alive and well. In fact, it is still considered by many to be a superior marketing tool! However, in order to see exemplary results, your direct mail strategy may need a little TLC. So, with that being said, when it comes to ramping up your direct mail strategies, direct mail marketing envelopes should be your first stop.

Sometimes, the smallest, personal touch can be the difference between the recipient opening your letter or throwing it in the trash. Not only does a well thought out envelope look inviting and impressive, it also reinforces brand identity — an important tool in marketing a business. Step up your brand by checking out these secret tips and tricks in designing and printing great envelopes.

1. Professionally Printed Envelopes

Although modern laser printers print envelopes, the resolution is usually less than satisfactory. Plus, you may notice that the color and print quality is not consistent either. Instead, by choosing a more hands-on approach and working with a reputable print shop to perfect your envelopes, you are certain to get exactly what you envisioned. Additionally, when accounting for the toner and cost of envelopes, it may actually be less expensive to do a larger run at a printing company.

2. Envelopes to Market Your Company

If your company sends out proposals or bids to clients, or markets high-end homes or other sizable purchases, larger envelopes are a great low-cost alternative to presentation folders. Starting off, use a 9 x 12 printed envelope (or larger) so you don’t have to fold your proposal document. You can also make a large-printed envelope fancy with a great design, full-color printing, foil stamping, or other special effects. All in all, this is a great way to make your proposal stand out from the competition!

3. Envelopes to Advertise Special Events

Got a conference, trade show, or special event coming up? There’s no better way to kick off marketing the event than to put a teaser on the outside of the envelope! In fact, the teaser may get the recipient to open the envelope and consider your offering. Pro tip: Be sure to keep the teaser short and to the point!

4. Special-Sized Envelopes

Envelopes come in many shapes and sizes. Why stick with the usual? Using a special size or color envelope may get people curious about what is inside. From A2 envelopes to 12 x 15 envelopes, there is a world of sizes to choose from. It is also important to note that there may be minimum orders when printing some special sized envelopes and the post office charges extra postage on large or unusually-shaped envelopes.

5. Two-Color Envelopes

Simplicity is often key. With the right design and paper choice, two-color, offset-printed envelopes look great and are gentler on your budget than full-color printing! Furthermore, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to purchase a vibrant, eye-catching envelope. With the help of a printer who believes in the power of high-quality ink, good color fidelity, and attention to detail, you’re set for success.

The Print Authority

Although direct mail marketing envelopes are something many companies commonly forget about, that doesn’t mean that you have to! This key branding component is the perfect chance to stand out against competitors and see a huge return on investment in your direct mail marketing efforts.

If you’re interested in creating your own direct mail marketing envelopes, contact the experts at The Print Authority to learn about all of your options. We have almost 3 decades of experience with envelope printing!

Custom Printed Pocket Folders: What To Consider

If you could have one “flagship” printed item for your business, it should be custom printed pocket folders with inserts. Not only are they great for transporting documents, they also add to your brand identity, proving that your company is trustworthy and knowledgeable. It’s time to stop using generic office supplies in an era when image is everything. With that in mind, read ahead to learn more about the advantages of custom printed pocket folders.

1. Professional

There’s nothing quite as professional as showing up to a business meeting with pocket folders filled with information for your clients. It is important to put a personal touch on all stationary if you want a cohesive identity within your company. Thus, these folders act as a sort of souvenir for your customers, reminding them why they rightfully chose to do business with you. Customized folders exude organization and professionalism.

2. Flexible

So long as your pocket folder design is simple enough, folder customization is very flexible. For example, you can design new inserts over and over again to suit changes to your business. Inserts can be in full color or black and white. They can be stepped or all the same size–usually 8.5”x11”. You can also insert brochures, rack cards, postcards, or flyers in an appropriately designed folder. Customizability is key!

3. Unique

Although many people stick to “standard” 9”x12” folders with two glued pockets, you can always opt for different sized and shaped folders! For example, you can have mini-pocket folders which fit 4”x9” or 5.5”x8.5” inserts. Or, you can do larger folders to accommodate 8.5”x14” documents, contracts or marketing materials. You can also create folders with just one pocket or with three pockets to fit a lot of materials.

Maybe even consider incorporating odd shapes with custom die cutting and velcro or other closures to keep your documents safe. There is so much room to make your folders unique! Regardless, choosing an unconventional shape will prove to stand out against the competition and better suit your needs.

4. Special Effects

You can make your pocket folder stand out with unique designs or interesting paper stocks. In addition, pocket folders are well suited for foil stamping, embossing, spot UV coating, and other special effects. You can also use lamination or soft-touch laminate, aqueous coating, or UV coating to make your folder feel rich, soft or different. Don’t be afraid to test out various special effects!

5. Appearance

Presentation folders add to your company’s reputability. For any business that presents materials to the public or business customers, a high-quality printed folder can make all the difference in a sale. Rather than presenting a client with a generic, unappealing folder, you are presenting them with your brand in a portfolio. A custom, eye-catching folder allows you to enter any meeting with confidence in your business.

The Print Authority

Now that you know the ins and outs of custom printed pocket folders, it’s time to contact the experts at The Print Authority for your next folder project! We have decades of experience producing folders and a creative team of designers to help with your folder project!

How To Create a Flyer For Your Business

Marketing is all about spreading the word, whether it be about a product, a service, a company or a person. But, since you can’t be everywhere at once, let a flyer do the job for you! When it comes to brand awareness, creating engagement, and implementing a well-rounded marketing strategy, learning how to create a flyer for your business is the way to go.

Is Flyer Distribution Still Effective?

Even in today’s “digital age,” printed marketing materials provide a significant return on investment time and time again. Although there are many perks to online marketing, we oftentimes find that printed materials, especially flyers, are a great way to represent your brand. Printed pieces engage two of your senses (visual and sense of touch), last longer than digital marketing, and don’t require compatibility or electricity for distribution. Plus, they work indoors and outdoors!

With that being said, let’s dive into how to create a flyer for your business!

#1. Use High-Quality Design

Design is often the differentiator of successful marketing for both online and print media. Especially when it comes to flyer design, there is a lot to consider. From fonts, whitespace, colors, and the overall message you are communicating, every design component works together to create effective messaging and targeting.

To get the most out of your design efforts, we have two primary tips so that you can knock your flyer design out of the park. Tip #1: If you can afford it, get professional design help. Tip #2: Remember, sometimes saying less can be more effective!

#2. Decide On the Right Size

After creating a high-quality design, your next step is deciding on the best size for your messaging. When it comes to smaller-sized flyers, you will find that they are less expensive and are easier to distribute and hold on to. Oftentimes, the convenient and inviting size of smaller flyers encourages individuals to pick one up. Posters, on the other hand, prove to be more effective due to their large size, so long as they’re displayed. Posters are perfect for displaying a large image and large text in areas such as a storefront or a large bulletin board.

With that in mind, it is important to consider where the poster will be displayed, what information you are communicating, and to whom. Our biggest recommendation is to start with the end in mind and go from there!

#3. One-Sided or Two-Sided?

Since larger posters are typically displayed for long periods of time, they are typically one-sided. However, flyers can be either one-sided or two-sided. If you plan on handing out the flyers, why not use both sides of a flyer since they are both available? On the other hand, if your flyer is going to be hung up like a poster, opt for one-sided.

#4. Color or Black and White?

A clean, black and white poster with bold typeface can be just as eye-catching as a vibrantly colored flyer. Both types of printing can be extremely effective with the right design and ideal paper.

#5. What Paper to Use?

Printing on coated papers tends to “pop”, but it’s important to test different finishes and stocks to find the best look for your design. The type of paper used often depends on the purpose of the flyer or poster.

#6. Single issue flyers and posters

Frequently, flyers and posters market one event or one product. This kind of single focus advertising is easy to track. Put a coupon code on the flyer or poster, and when the customer uses it, they inadvertently help you analyze your target audiences’ purchasing habits.

The Print Authority

Marketing doesn’t have to start and end at your computer. If you’re stuck in a rut or want to expand your reach, try printing flyers or posters as your next tactic. Contact us at The Print Authority for high-quality printing at affordable rates. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Softcover Book Printing Tips

Gone are the days when you have to find a publisher and have your manuscript “accepted” to print soft cover books. With the help of a great printing company and the following softcover book printing tips, you can manage a short print run of books easily yourself!

Of course, what’s not to love about a softcover book? The way it bends and folds to fit your hands, or the way it looks timeless on any bookshelf or coffee table. The next best thing to the look and feel of your book would be an eye-catching cover design and high-quality printing to match it.

1. Cover Design

You have always heard you can’t tell a book by its cover, but covers definitely attract interest. In fact, when scanning the shelves of a bookstore, or the pages of an online shop, the first thing people do is judge a book by its cover! Play around with shapes, hues, textures, and everything in between.

Gatekeeper Press, who overs custom book cover design services, recommends basing your cover design on your book’s theme, plot, and/or imagery. The cover design should incorporate all the intricate details of your book, including textures, backgrounds, and blending.

Better yet, hire a professional! To design a book cover that really attracts the attention of your target market, use a professionally designed cover.

2. Cover Stock

Usually, book covers are coated on one side, though nowadays there are other paper options besides coated paper. With that said, you still have to decide the weight of the paper you wish to use. In the United States, this refers to the weight of 500 parent sheets of a particular type and size of paper. In other words, 500 parent sheets of 20# bond paper will weigh 20 pounds. This can get a bit confusing, but that’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect fit.

3. Extra Coatings and Special Effects

There seems to be an endless array of paper coatings to choose from. You can do book covers with stay flat nylon laminate, UV coating, or maybe even aqueous coating. Each of these provides an extra level of protection to the cover, resisting moisture, grease, and fingerprints. In addition, if appropriate, you can incorporate embossing or foil stamping into your cover design to make it stand out!

4. Inside pages

There are still more decisions to make with respect to the inside pages of the book! Will they be full color or black and white? What kind of stock do you want to use? You can use simple 20# white bond (copy paper) all the way up to 100# text stock, or even recycled stock, if you would prefer! There are also differences in the whiteness and opacity of various brands of offset papers.

5. Affordability

With today’s digital technology, small runs of soft cover books can be surprisingly affordable. There is no longer a need to run thousands of books and wait for buyers to show up. Run what you need, and run more later! Thinking about writing a prequel or a sequel? Perfect! You provide the ideas, we put them down on paper at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Softcover Book Printing at The Print Authority

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been waiting for a sign to print your masterpiece… Well, this is it. Contact the experts at The Print Authority for a detailed explanation of all of your book printing options. We have been in business for almost 3 decades and can guide you through the process successfully!

Top 6 Tips to Branding Your Franchise

Clean and simple, or ornate and elaborate – it’s up to you. When it comes to branding your franchise, the best businesses decide on a great look and stick with it. After all, customers that visit a franchise expect and value a consistency in a company’s branding, products, services, and overall look. As a franchise, branding is your most important asset.

From developing a style guide to coordinating media presence, it’s the little details that build strong franchise branding. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the top six items to consider when branding your franchise.

1. Start With the End in Mind

Before you start branding your franchise, you need to think about your overarching goals for your franchise branding. What are you trying to accomplish with your branding? Who are you trying to reach? What would you like to communicate with your audience? Having a set direction for all branding efforts ensures that all materials align with short-term and long-term goals.

Also, in order to avoid wasting resources, it is important to determine what printed pieces your franchises need ahead of time. Once this is established, you can begin the design process. Remember to make sure that all materials are legible, grammatically correct, and include easily-understood content.

2. Design a Logo

Your logo is your marker. It is the image that will bind your brand together. It should be plastered on everything you do from your webpage to your emails.  The biggest brands in the world are identifiable by their logo. When you think of Apple, you don’t picture the word, you picture that piece of fruit with a chunk taken out of it.

When it comes to designing a logo, try to create something that works in big and small spaces. It should be equally comfortable on huge billboards and tiny smartphone screens.

3. Develop a Style Guide

Consistency is key. Because of this, if one unit of your franchise is not in line with the company branding, the consequences can be disastrous. By sharing a style guide with all of your franchisees, you will be able to protect the integrity of your company and increase consistency and brand familiarity across all locations. To develop a style guide for your brand, remember to include:

  • Logo size
  • Color palette
  • Fonts
  • Mission statement
  • Your brand’s voice
  • Your brand’s core values

4. Coordinate Your Media Presence

Your presence on digital and print media is not exempt from following a style guide as well. Whether you are being represented on social media or are developing a print advertising strategy, brand consistency is an integral aspect of franchise branding.

Although there might be different individuals or departments designing your print materials and posting to Facebook, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a shared voice. By referencing the media guide mentioned in the third section of this article, you will be able to share a consistent look and feel.

5. Print in Bulk and Divide Cost

Once you’ve completed the design and preparation stages, you will need to get your message out there. That means utilizing your new logo and style guide to design business cards, personalized letterhead, brochures, and more.

Plus, by printing on the same items for all franchise locations, you can lower your costs by printing in bulk and dividing the cost among your franchisee base! For guidance with choosing proper materials and printing at an effective cost, we recommend working with printing experts.

6. Enlist the Support of Experts

If you’re unsure about any part of branding your franchise, you should enlist the help of experts. Graphic designers, printing experts, creative/strategic brand consultants, and so on, can execute your vision for your company. Branding your franchise is an extremely important, yet difficult, task.

The largest companies around the globe rely on marketing experts, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you need help with design or with printing for your emerging franchise, contact the experts at The Print Authority!

Branding Your Franchise

In conclusion, never underestimate the power of branding your franchise. Remember, it’s often the name, logo, and branding that franchisees and customers buy into. As you continue to expand your business, a strong identity will become even more important. Branding is the glue that ties all franchise locations together!

If you want high-quality printing at affordable rates, contact us at The Print Authority today! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Sports Program Printing: 5 Ways To Knock It Out of the Park

A sports event for your community, school, or workplace wouldn’t be quite the same without a sports program. Sports program printing is an event planning necessity when it comes to building team spirit, raising funds, showcasing athletes and coaches, and of course, giving fans and players something to keep as a memento.

If you have found yourself asking, “What is the best strategy to create a highly profitable and memorable sports program?”, fear not. The home team doesn’t have to be the only ones sliding into home plate! Attack sports program printing like a pro and hit it out of the park with these 5 tips:

1. Hire a Professional Designer

Don’t hire just anyone to design your program layout. Although it may be tempting to cut corners, quality graphic design work takes an experienced, creative professional. Your team deserves the best — and so do your fans.

Sports programs are memorabilia for a lot of fans and players, so you need something that they can look at and say “Wow!”. Not to mention, if you’re looking for recurring sponsorship, showing a return on a company’s investment is always a plus. What better way to show thanks to your sponsors than by a beautifully printed ad in your program?

2. Incorporate High-Quality Images

Not surprisingly, the better an image is, the more attention it draws. A high-quality program needs high-quality pictures!

Similar to graphic design, photography is also best left to the professionals. Rather than whipping out your phone and snapping a few photos, a photographer could create a gallery of images that would more accurately represent the quality of your event. So get out there and hire a well-equipped photographer to capture those action, portrait, and team shots!

3. Use Glossy Paper on the Front Cover

Have you considered what type of paper you should use for the front cover of the programs? Regular or glossy?

Although it may seem like a tough decision, we believe that glossy is the way to go. A glossy cover brings vibrancy and depth to any image while also giving a more luxurious feel. Plus, you can also look into a special UV coating for the cover for an extra shine.

4. Feature Space for Ads

Not only can ads potentially cover the cost of program production –your entire event may not be possible without them. Whether you’re selling ad space to friends and family, locally owned businesses or larger corporations, setting a varied price structure ahead of time is key.

For example, an ad placement on the back cover and inside cover would cost much more than a quarter-page in the middle of the sports program. This gives businesses the flexibility to choose an ad space that matches their desired reach and budget. Deciding on this rate structure for different ad sizes beforehand proves to be a successful strategy.

In addition to this, remember to keep a record of past sponsors so that you can reach out to them for next year’s program.

5. Make Space for Important Information

Now that you have sponsored ads, a beautifully designed layout, and high-quality pictures… you’re done, right? Wrong. Your program layout should also include important details such as the bios of all the players, information on the coaches, and the next season’s game schedule.

When paired with bold images, a creatively designed program, and high-quality printing, your sports program is sure to attract attention from the players, attendees, and sponsors!

If you are searching for an all-inclusive sports program printing service, look no further! With graphic design experts and state of the art printing equipment, we’ll get the job done right. To hit your sports program printing out of the park, contact us today!

Top 5 Printing Companies In Tennessee

Considering the number of printing companies in Tennessee can be pretty overwhelming. Because of this, finding the right local printer to partner with your company can be quite the challenge. Since you’re trusting this company with your resources, time, and brand image, they should check off all of the requirements, right?

Luckily, the printing companies in Tennessee are some of the best. Below, you will find a compilation of the top 5 printing companies in the state, acting as a convenient go-to guide for when you need local printing.

1. The Print Authority

With 27 years of printing experience, The Print Authority tops the list with exemplary services, products, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With a focus on relationship building, the Print Authority is proud to share that team members stay with them for an average of 12 years.

“I couldn’t have picked two more supportive people than your Luanne B. and Brooke P.
I received help repeatedly with incredible patience. No question from me was taken
lightly by them. At a point, I felt I was straining my new friendship with these “Print
Angels”. If you could give them a “well done!” I would appreciate it.”

– – Owner, Personal Book Publisher

In addition to their “people first” approach, they have also fulfilled more than 36,000 web to print orders… and counting! From printing flyers and posters to training materials and business cards, this isn’t The Print Authority’s first rodeo. They will confidently handle all of your company’s printing needs and provide you with the most hospitable customer service Nashville has to offer.

Learn more about The Print Authority »

2. Franklin’s Printing

Located in Murfreesboro, Franklin’s Printing is the self-proclaimed Middle Tennessee printing leader. They offer a full suite of printing services including traditional printing services, direct mail advertisements, and large format projects. With a 25-year proven track record of continued success, you can depend on Franklin’s Printing to get your job done well AND on time.

3. Dynamark’s Graphic Group

These folks specialize in commercial printing, as well as print stickers and decals. Dynamark’s Graphic Group supports entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to start or expand their printing production.

They’re set to carry you through every stage of your business, whether you have just launched or have been operating for a few years. With this kind of reliability and performance, you can build a good working relationship with a local commercial printer who is able to adapt to any of your needs.

4. Quality Printing Company

Quality Printing Company in Gallatin is a local, family-owned printing business serving individuals and businesses alike. They specialize in wedding printing, but also serve businesses by printing business cards and letterheads. If you’re looking for a more personalized feel with your printing while also supporting a local small business, Quality Printing Company is a great option.

5. Ambrose Printing Company

Ambrose Print in Nashville is a family printing business established in 1865. That’s over 150 years and four generations dedicated to helping businesses and people with all of their printing needs! They can handle your basic printing needs, like flyers and business cards, or support you with more unique and involved ventures such as large signs or catalogs.

Best (and Worst) Fonts For Franchises

We’re not ashamed to admit it: Here at The Print Authority, we love fonts. You may find yourself questioning, “How can something so small be such a big deal?” Trust us, when it comes to representing your brand, your font choice has a bigger impact than you know. With that being said, looking at the best fonts for franchises is one of the most important parts of designing marketing materials!

But, out of the estimated 300,000 fonts available in the world, which are the best fonts for franchises? Today, we’re taking that complex and slightly overwhelming question and creating a simple answer. See below for the best (and the worst) fonts for franchises in 2018!

1. Work Sans

Work Sans

Classic and classy. Work Sans is wonderful for the franchise owner who wants to communicate quality — without appearing stuffy. Its history is loosely based on early Grotesques, but updated for the modern user.

2. Playfair Display

Playfair Display

Claud Eggers Sorensen is the genius behind this beautiful font. He found inspiration from the typefaces of the late 18th century. Its prestigious history makes it perfect for the business owner looking for a beautiful blend of traditional lines with a modern twist. For more of a contrast, Playfair Display pairs nicely with Georgia, where Georgia is used as the body text.

3. Space Mono

 Space Mono

If you’re hoping to brand your franchise to stand out from the crowd, then Space Mono could well be the font for you. Its daring lines, quirky angles, and geometic shapes are suited for those who want to capture looks and leave a lasting impression.

4. Rubik


The slightly-rounded corners of the Rubik font family are simple in design and elegant in execution. Franchise owners looking for a legible, yet fashionable font should look no further.

5. Eczar


The Eczar font family started as a student project in a university in the United Kingdom. It is undoubtedly one of the most unique, but usable, on the market. It contains a wonderful mix of personality and performance. Eczar also comes in a variety of different weights, where the strong features become more noticeable with each corresponding increase.

6. Alegreya


Named one of the top “Fonts Of The Decade” in 2011, Alegreya has long been a favorite within the design world. Originally created for literature, the font has proven its worth to many franchise owners. Alegreya is known for adding a dynamic contrast and freshness to any page.

7. Archivo Narrow

Archivo Narrow

The multi-use nature of Archivo Narrow makes it absolutely perfect for a business owner looking for clear and legible text. Since it was made for use simultaneously on both digital and printed platforms, this font is convenient for all angles of branding.

8. Spectral


The Spectral font family speaks to the elegance and sophistication of any brand. It was also created to be used in text-heavy documents or for digital use, making it incredibly versatile.

9. Inknut Antiqua

Inknut Antiqua

This quirky yet elegant design was created to keep the idiosyncrasies you might find in the artisanal tradition. This historical-themed font is great for viewing on low-resolution screens or representing your brand in a unique way.

10. Raleway


We’ve left the most elegant until last. This stunning sans-serif font works well for the person who is looking for modern and sophisticated text. This font is also incredibly versatile due to the fact that it comes in 9 different weights.

Worst: Comic Sans or Times New Roman

Comic Sans and Times New Roman

There are so many fonts to choose from these days. There isn’t any reason to choose something that was popular in the early 2000s like Comic Sans or Times New Roman.

Styles change, which mean is vital to adopt the latest trends in typography.

If you’re not sure which font speaks to your brand or how to best use different fonts in your advertising materials, contact us today. 

The Print Authority has provided printing services  for franchises for over two decades. Contact us at (615) 468-2679 to learn more about the perfect font for your franchise and how to best tackle your next printing project!

Consistent High Quality Printed Materials Electrify Rapidly Growing Franchises

In today’s digital world, it is easy to think that everything worthwhile can be accomplished online in a few clicks. However, franchisees who rely exclusively on digital marketing and advertising are missing an important part of their marketing effort. High quality printed materials will help franchisees grow faster.

Here are some great ideas for printed marketing materials to help young businesses and emerging franchise organizations grow faster:

Business Cards

If you are looking for effective and cost-effective marketing options, business cards are a great resource for you. Business cards typically cost just a few cents each, and you should give one to every new contact you meet. You never know when a new acquaintance will need your services, or share your information with their colleagues.

In addition, there are many easy ways to make your cards stand out. A professional designer can help by choosing interesting fonts, colors, or paper stocks to make your cards look unique, while also keeping them uncluttered and simple enough to be read and understood.

Brochures and Booklets

To market your business when you are not there, consider using brochures and booklets. With a simple ask, you can often leave brochures in places where your prospects go. Colorful brochures are more effective, and with modern digital production, you can order custom brochures or booklets in small quantities to appeal to various target audiences. Be sure to word your materials carefully and to get professional design help if you can afford it!

Pocket Folders with Inserts

Custom printed pocket folders with inserts can act as Welcome Packets for your new customers and help tie them into your business. The cost per folder of pocket folders drops with volume, so try to make your folders general enough to work for you for some time to come. Inserts can easily be printed in small quantities; use them to communicate your message in more detail.


Nothing screams professionalism more than putting your bids and proposals on professionally printed letterhead and using matching envelopes where appropriate. Use a high-quality stock and be sure to include the company logo. Providing printed bids where appropriate is especially effective for higher dollar products.

Specialized marketing materials

Specialized marketing materials like flyers, door hangers, labels, and notepads will spread the word when you use them at meetings, conferences, trade shows, or just in the neighborhood. For higher dollar value sales, making one new customer will frequently more than pay for your entire print run and repeat business can generate more profits!

Banners and Presentation Boards

Custom printed banners and presentation boards will impact people attending sporting or community events and are large enough for everyone to see. Ask permission to place a yard  sign at homes where you are doing work or after the work is complete. This can spur word of mouth referrals from your customers to new prospects!

Promotional Items

Don’t forget promotional items to get the word out! Nowadays, you can put your logo on almost anything; be creative and come up with a unique item which your prospects will use and keep around for many months. A great sales consultant can be an invaluable resource to help guide you to the right products to use.


Many experts suggest spending from 2%-10% of your budget on marketing depending on what stage your business is at. Be sure to maximize your revenue by spending enough on both digital and print advertising. Your business will grow faster and you will ultimately be more profitable over the long run with your investment in high quality printed materials.

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