Menu Changes? Here’s How to Implement a Rollout Internally

So…you are in charge of doing rollouts at your company. No big deal, right?

Well…actually, rollouts are a big deal, super important and require a lot of attention to detail. You could do it yourself. This is a decent option if you don’t have too many locations. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be easier and safer to leave it to the experts?

What is a rollout?

Typically, we define rollouts as the process of communicating changes across a large organization with many locations. The organization might be a restaurant or hotel chain, a franchise organization or any number of other large enterprises.

So, how are you going to communicate the details of a rollout?

For purposes of this article, let’s say the rollout is about menu changes at a large restaurant chain. You probably have a deadline, say the first of next month, when the new menu gets put into effect. Shipping the menus is only one step, but just as important, you must communicate the new menu items to the restaurant managers or owners, make sure it is understood how to cook and present the new items and how to cleanly and profitably integrate them into each restaurant’s operations.

How are you going to communicate the details of these new menu changes?

One of the most effective ways is to put printed materials into the hands of the Servers, Managers, Cooks and others responsible for restaurant operations. These materials should ideally have a picture of the new dishes, how they are to be prepared and served, how much they will cost and a description of the ingredients. Usually, it takes a few printed pieces to communicate all of this effectively to the right people.

Here are some ideas of items you may want to print and distribute:

  1. A Rollout Manual or Guide. This piece may have a number of pages to show and explain all of the menu changes to take place. You may need several of these to go to each location depending on the size and type of restaurant.
  2. Server Cards. These can be cards the Servers can use for reference and which may fit in with guest checks or order cards they use.
  3. Line Cards. These should likely be a different size and shape than the Server Cards. They can be used for reference by the people preparing the food to make sure the food is made correctly. These cards may need to be UV Coated, Laminated or printed on polyester stock if they are used where they may get greasy or wet.
  4. Posters. Sometimes, it may make sense to include posters to make sure everything is well explained and clear.
  5. Any office materials which may be needed. Posters may need velcro strips or dots to make them easy to mount. Depending on how your system works, you may also need binders, sheet protectors or other items to go out as well.

It’s All in the Box

Packaging is an important rollout detail that sometimes gets overlooked. The first criteria of a successful package is to make sure the materials you send out get there in good shape and ready to use. Secondly, packing materials efficiently can save a lot of money since carriers typically charge per box shipped. This is half art and half science. Sometimes, a poster can be lightly rolled or folded to help fit the entire kit into one box to save time and money. In addition, if only one box is shipped, it reduces the chance of things getting lost.

It is also super important to have an up to date shipping list sent to the company doing the rollout so the boxes go the correct locations. Be sure to communicate when the boxes need to arrive as well. The fulfillment company can ship to locations which are farther away first so they all kits arrive at about the same time.

Use the Experts

You can do rollouts yourself, you can “train” a local printing company on how to do it, or you can trust the experts at The Print Authority with printing fulfillment. We have over two decades of experience printing and distributing to multiple location businesses.

We get to know your needs and often have suggestions which can help you succeed. Give us a call today!

Custom Restaurant Placemat Printing: What You Need to Know

For new and old restaurant owners alike there is nothing more important than making a good impression. That starts the second that a customer sits down. Having nicely designed artwork or images on your placemats can help you stand out. This is where quality printing comes into play.

Here are five things you need to know about custom restaurant placemat printing.

What you need to know about restaurant placemat printing:

  1. Offset vs. Digital

When it comes to printing in large quantities, you have two choices, and those are digital or offset. Digital printing allows you to send in your artwork, modify it anytime, and print on demand. On the other hand, offset printing is done in mass scale which can benefit restaurants, but there is little room for error and not a lot of flexibility. However, the quality of offset printing is paramount. In other words,  detailed images and small fonts would print best with offset printing.

  1. Materials and Branding

The material your design will be printed on can help you decide what type of restaurant placemat printing you need. Remember that test runs are available for digital printing which give you an opportunity to try a few different materials and with different designs. If you know precisely the type of content you will be using, then we can recommend offset printing. From fabrics to paper, glossy to matte the material you choose needs to reflect the feel and look of your restaurant. Branding your business is all about details that are recognizable.

  1. Design with Patience

Your graphic design is critical and helps set the tone of your restaurant, so you want to be sure that you are taking your time with it. For example, be mindful of the colors you are using. In addition, pay close attention to how large you will want the design to be. Ultimately, all these things affect how the final design is ultimately printed and how the final product will look. Under these circumstances, it may be easiest to hire a graphic designer. It will make your life easier and will give your restaurant the professional quality it deserves.

  1. Know Your Quantity

Printing companies will want to know your quantity to give you a proper estimate. Be sure that you calculate how many placemats you wish your restaurant to stock. Otherwise, if you need to order more you may find it more costly than if you had merely placed the full order all at once. Fulfillment is everything, and you want to get the most and best product for your budget. If you partner up with the right printing company you may be able to get additional orders at a decent price.

  1. Professionals Know Best

For all your printing needs be sure to go to a professional. Your business is important to you, and you want to be sure that you are getting the best service and quality possible at the most affordable price. Remember that you get what you pay for! The team over at The Print Authority can fulfill your customized restaurant placemat printing job and will assist you from concept to finished product. Give them a call today!

Digital Offset Printing: The Whos, Whats, and Wheres

The debate in the printing world has remained the same for years now. Digital printing or digital offset printing- which do you prefer for your printing projects? It is no surprise that this is a hotly contested topic, since both forms of printing offer distinct advantages and disadvantages that make for a tough choice.

We are here to help you make a more informed decision about which style of printing will best suit your needs.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing came of age in the ‘90s. Today it is the printing choice of printing companies for its relative convenience. Digital printing does not require plates and can be pressed onto most surfaces utilizing digital files like a PDF. In turn, this allows for quite a bit of flexibility for large printing jobs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Printing

Digital printing offers distinct advantages. Advantages include print on demand capability, fast turnarounds, and test runs that can save a company money from costly mistakes. Additionally, because of technological advances, the quality of digital prints are constantly improving. Due to these conveniences, it is obvious why digital printing is the choice printing option for various companies. Digital printing is becoming a reality today.

What is Digital Offset Printing?

Offset printing is an old-fashioned printing technique that is used today. A printer engraves an image on a plate. Then, the printer transfers the image onto a rubber blanket. In the end, this rubber blanket is used to press images onto the final material. This process renders high-quality images; however, it is usually only performed on large orders which leave little room for error. If a run is misprinted, it can cost the company a hefty sum to fix the damage or reprint the entire order. In turn, this may discourage small businesses on a budget.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Offset Printing

Offset printing has the distinct advantage of rendering much higher quality images than digital printing. However, offset printing has numerous disadvantages that make it fall short in today’s fast-paced world. Offset printing does not allow for on-demand printing, comes at a much higher cost than digital and must be ordered in large quantities if plates are to be made.

Which One Should I Use?

If you are a small business that needs printing services, it is advised that you opt for digital printing. Digital printing will allow you to test designs, modify the designs, and inexpensively print the design. In addition, the quality is similar to offset printing. Digital printing is the future as the gap is slowly being closed.


All things considered, digital printing is fast becoming the industry standard. Digital printing ensures fast turn over, satisfactory quality, and low printing costs. If you are in need of printing services, contact The Print Authority and ask about how their digital printing services can help your business excel. In brief, there has never been a better time for small businesses in printing.

Print Fulfillment For Small Business

Are you a small business owner looking for a company that can offer print fulfillment for small business needs? A quick search online will no doubt turn up many options for you to explore. However, they are not all created equal. Small businesses have a clear need for print fulfillment. They can benefit from printed letterheads and promotional materials, as well as brochures and portfolios.

So, what should you look for from your chosen print fulfillment company? Reliability is key. You should also look for outstanding customer service, speedy and flexible responses, an innovative approach to print fulfillment, fair pricing, and a strong reputation in the industry.

If you need one of the best printing fulfillment companies, you can depend on one of these five.

The Print Authority

Over the last two decades, The Print Authority has been proud to pack, store, and ship products for countless clients. These include those looking for print fulfillment for small business needs. The Print Authority works with clients in many states and offers contracts for those clients requiring regular printed materials. Unlike other print fulfillment companies, The Print Authority produces documents primarily on demand, so they can be immediately distributed. This is a great advantage over other organizations that print documents in large quantities and then store them.

Contact The Print Authority for all of your printing needs by visiting its website at or by calling (615) 468-2679

Digital Lizard

Digital Lizard offers a scalable printing and distribution solution that is ideal for small businesses. The company’s Printing on Demand custom program ensures the brand’s printed items are unified in a simple way. Offering cutting-edge digital printing facilities, this company offers an impressive fleet of presses, as well as finishing equipment, designed to meet even the smallest business’ fulfillment needs. Contact Digital Lizard by calling (866) 494-6155 or by visiting


This company offers an impressive array of copying and printing services to suit the needs of businesses large and small. Perhaps you’re looking for outstanding and eye-catching marketing materials, such as banners and brochures. Or maybe you need traditional copying for a conference or business meeting. Whatever you need, PIP can meet it. You can call PIP at (949) 348-5000 or visit its website at

Print & Imprint Graphic Management

Are you looking for a community-centric choice for your print fulfillment for small business needs? If so, Print & Imprint Graphic Management could be the right company for you. The family-owned business has more than 20 years of experience. It has considerable expertise in working with small businesses, as well as larger businesses and franchises. Call this company at (888) 563-6767 or go to its website at


This San Diego-based printing service offers a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can benefit from digital and offset printing, as well as full-service mailing and full bindery. Since this company is also dedicated to responsible practice, offering eco-friendly printing, it’s a great choice for your small business. Call ZUZA at (760) 438-9411 or visit its website at

If you need print fulfillment for small business needs, contact us to find out more about how we can help.

Top 10 Tastiest Restaurant Branding Examples

We all have that one favorite restaurant that we think of dining out. If not for the delicious food, maybe it was the quality of service you received, the ornate menu you ordered from, or the memorable logo. After all, if the restaurant’s branding is memorable patrons are more likely to remember your restaurant.

Restaurant branding is the silent voice of your business. The tastiest restaurants spend a great deal of time, and money, branding their company’s to create a consistent voice and personality across all locations. These businesses pay special attention to their logo, menus, uniforms, online presence, imagery, promotional materials, and more. Take a look at some of tastiest restaurant branding examples, you’ll probably recognize a few.

Fast Food


restaurant branding

Credit: @mcdonalds

We’re starting our list of the tastiest branding examples with one of most recognizable fast-food eateries in the world. Show anyone the infamous golden arches and you’ll get a quick and precise response. We’re loving this restaurant red and gold palette — simple, but effective.




Credit: @innout

Almost as recognizable as McDonald’s, In-N-Out has gathered a cult following for its animal style fries and decked burgers. However, it’s hard not to recognize its signature red palm trees branded across its food containers, and promotional materials. Even more iconic, its paper boat hats that crew members graciously handout to patrons.



restaurant branding

Credit: @chipotle

We can recognize a Chipotle tortilla chip paper bag anywhere. The paper packaging at Chipotle are memorable because of its fun fact covered paper goods. Plastered on paper cups and takeout bags Chipotle reinforces its ‘good-for-you’ mentality with fun facts ranging from where the food is sourced to what you can do to help the environment.  Just remember, guac is extra!




Sit Down

Buffalo Wild Wings

restaurant branding

Credit: @bwwings

The sports bar has established its reputation on its wide-range of wings. The restaurants overall brand is a great example of consistent and recognizable branding from the matching jersey uniforms to its canary yellow takeout boxes.




Cheesecake Factory

restaurant branding

Credit: @cheescakefactory

The Cheesecake is something of an enigma, but ask anyone where they might find a tasty slice of cheesecake and they’ll probably answer the Cheesecake Factory. This restaurant is memorable for many reasons like its ancient-Egypt-meets-Vegas-strip decor or its expansive menu.





restaurant branding

Credit: @chilis

A baby boomer favorite, Chili’s is best recognized by its iconic logo design — a large chili pepper! The rustic image embossed on high-quality materials gives the restaurant a friendly yet simple charisma.



Olive Garden

restaurant branding

Credit: @olivegarden

Family-friendly restaurant Olive Garden is known for more than it’s endless breadsticks. Its endless menu of customer favorites and full-color picture menus. Down to the colors and typography, Olive Garden has created a consistent Italian-themed personality and brand.





Fine Dining

Maggiano’s Little Italy

restaurant branding

Credit: @maggioanoslittleitaly

Maggiano’s Little Italy has transformed family dining. It expanded its customer base with its carryout program; however, has maintained its reputation as a fine dining restaurant with its true-to-brand, and upscale paper goods.




Yard House

restaurant branding

Credit: @yardhouse

When it comes to fine dining, it comes down to the ambiance and the experience. From cocktail menus to happy hour promotions, Yard House branding embodies premium service and elegance.



Mastro’s Restaurant

restaurant branding

Credit: @mastrosofficial

Quality and attention to detail down to its logo and guest check presenter is why Mastro’s Restaurant finishes this list of the top tastiest restaurant branding. The branding is simple; however, the quality of its materials are far superior to what you’d find at a lower-end sit-down restaurant or fast food restaurant.




Consistent restaurant branding is important; even more important, the printing company producing your company’s promotional materials. The Print Authority can help you with all of your restaurant branding needs. With a wide range of services, The Print Authority can assist with all of your restaurant needs. As said before, in the restaurant business, it pays to have consistent and memorable branding. Whether you need menus, promotional products or graphic design consultation, The Print Authority can get the job done for any restaurant. Visit and start branding your restaurant business.

Choosing Colors in Your Brand – Advertising That Really Works

How long have you spent thinking about the colors used in your branding and how they psychologically affect consumers? If you’re like most business owners, your answer is probably “little” to “none”. However, combining color theory and cohesive branding is the key to a successful advertising strategy. Because of this, choosing colors in your brand requires a well thought out strategy and message.

Many large companies that you know and love have already taken the steps to carefully consider color and branding. One of the most well-known logos is Starbucks, which uses green to emphasize harmony and sustainability. American Express has a blue logo (and sometimes incorporates blue into their advertising) to promote trustworthiness and peace of mind. Logo colors and imagery are also important for smaller, rapidly growing companies. Here are some facts related to choosing colors and imagery in your brand!

Fact #1: Imagery is Everything

While we could throw out the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, there are much more quantifiable ways to prove that imagery truly is everything. While it takes time to read and process text, people tend to absorb imagery much more quickly. A few years ago, an MIT study found that the brain can process images seen by the eye in as little as 13 milliseconds.* (The study asked participants to identify a particular type of image, like a picnic, from a series of images each shown for 13 to 80 milliseconds.) So, it is not surprising that a consumer’s glance can help them form an opinion about your company or brand almost immediately.

Fact #2: Color Preferences

choosing colors for your brandDid you know? Culture, age, and gender affect our perceptions of color. One study found that the color blue is preferred as a “favorite color” by both men and women, although there is much more variation relating to other color preferences.** For example, purple is the second most favorite color for women in this study (purple is the favorite for 33% of women), while purple is men’s second least favorite color (22% of men studied said purple was their least favorite). Studies have also found that color preferences change with age.

Image Source: Neil Patel

Fact #3: Contradictory Color Palettes

People generally prefer colors used together with similar hues, but they also favor palettes with contrast in accent colors. If this begins to make your head spin, these determinations are frequently best made by design professionals. Suffice it to say that having brand standards which take into account different ways in which logos may be used can make a real difference in branding success.

Fact #4: Color is Your Brand

choosing colors in your brandBranding is everywhere. Recent technological developments mean that you can put your logo on almost anything, from a golf ball to your office wall to your advertising. In fact, these images can be produced more cost effectively in smaller runs than ever before! But, care must be taken to make sure the images are consistent and represent your company well.

Again, the power of color can get a message across very quickly wherever your brand is. Choosing colors in your brand requires quite a bit of thought! For example, using red can convey urgency, excitement, and passion. On the other hand, blue typically communicates peace, tranquility, and reliability. Just “throwing stuff out there” can be a mistake if it tarnishes your brand image.

Image Source: Entrepreneur

Fact #5: Fulfillment Services Are a Must

Professional printing and fulfillment companies can play a real role in reinforcing your image. It is more important than ever for printers to know their customers and for clients to know their design and printing sources. With the right relationship, a printer can serve as a traffic cop to make sure brand standards are upheld.

There are many different processes in use in printing various projects on different substrates and someone needs to take care to make sure products being shipped out represent the company well. At the same time, some printing companies employ design professionals who understand the proper use of color and can make a real difference in creating and carrying forth a brand.

The Print Authority

Contact the professionals at The Print Authority today to help you carry forward your brand consistently and accurately! We have decades of experience designing and printing for franchises, hospitality companies, health care organizations, financial services firms, and non-profit organizations. When it comes to choosing colors in your brand, connecting with a graphic designer, and printing materials, we are your one stop shop. Let us put our professional experience to work for you!


*”Shades of Success”, Print Illustrated , Fall 2018.

**Patel, Neil, “True Colors – Breakdown of Color Preferences by Gender”, Neil Patel , 2018,

Nashville Printing and Fulfillment Company

Your branding collateral is oftentimes your first impression. After all, isn’t that the goal of your print materials? With that being said, the importance of finding a high-quality, knowledgable printer near you cannot be overlooked. When it comes to making an impactful impression and representing your company well, you should partner with the best Nashville printing company that the city has to offer.

The Top Nashville Printing Company

If your company is in the heart of Tennessee, Central Kentucky, or Northern Alabama, and you are looking for a way to streamline your operations by offering high quality printed materials and other marketing items to all of your locations or salespeople, look no further! Although The Print Authority has many clients from around the United States, you don’t have to leave Middle Tennessee to find a great web to print fulfillment company.

We offer the best of design, offset printing, digital printing, wide format products, and print-related materials. We have been creating powerful web to print sites since 2001. Our sites include many useful features:

–Custom branding so your locations will know they are ordering from the right place

–Easy to use intuitive ordering sites

–Outstanding personal service to help franchisees, dealers and others order quickly and easily

–Customizable templates to make it easy to order location branded materials for all your locations

–Automated approval of your orders

–Digital download options for selected products

–Order history of previously customized products

When considering all of these features, printing with The Print Authority becomes a no-brainer. With almost three decades of experience, partnering with The Print Authority means great products, reliable service, and a quick turnaround. Additionally, the customization offered on all products is ideal for any franchise, restaurant group, or business looking for brand cohesion across all marketing materials. The Print Authority is your one-stop shop for high-quality print items!

Customizable Fulfillment Plan

When it comes to frequent printing, packaging, storing and shipping products for clients with multiple locations, we are the perfect fulfillment option. We offer lower costs, same-day or next-day shipping*, exemplary customer service, rapid change-over of printed materials, and improved profitability for our clients!

In addition, we will customize a fulfillment plan to suit your needs that includes the following:

–On demand printing and fulfillment

–Bulk printing and storage of products to be distributed later

–Silk screened and embroidered apparel

–Promotional Products

–International shipment options

The Print Authority

When it comes to on-demand fulfillment options and top printing services for small businesses, franchises, and restaurant groups, you cannot go wrong with The Print Authority. Our focus has always been on providing the very best in customer service, the highest quality products, and reducing your workload by working directly with your end users. We are a national service leader in working with franchises, hospitality companies, and manufacturers. Our experienced team of professionals has been in business for almost 28 years. Contact us today!

Finding the Right Look – Franchise Advertising or Restaurant Brand Design

Whether building an emerging franchise organization or restaurant group, marketing is not just important, but a matter of future success. The key is building a strong brand with consistency. If your company is already off the ground, you no doubt have a name and have begun building an identity. The next step is to construct the characteristics of the brand including a franchise advertising strategy and a cohesive restaurant brand design!

Target Audience

The first step to finding the right look for your brand is to narrow down your target audience. This is extremely important as it will affect the look of your physical space and your marketing. Are you trying to appeal to young children and their parents, to the elderly, or to a smaller niche group in the middle? Everything flows from this decision.

It is also important to understand the demographics of your target market and how they communicate and receive information. If done correctly and clearly, you will find it is easier to capture their attention and their needs will be put front and center.

Unique Messaging

Similarly to finding your target market, delivering a powerful message also requires a thorough thought process. Do you seek to provide the absolute highest level of service in your market? Is your goal to provide the lowest cost option for your customers? Maybe you merely provide good food or a good experience for value-oriented consumers? Honesty is extremely important here!

Many companies fail because they do not understand who they are or who their targets are. You cannot be all things to all people. There must be something unique about your brand!

Take Apple, for instance. Apple is known for easily understood technology and the groundbreaking design of its products. Similarly, Domino’s is known for consistently delivering pizza quickly, just as Nordstrom is known for outstanding customer service. Of course, Walmart is known for low pricing. So what is your brand known for? What do you want it to be known for?

Brand Consistency

After delivering a powerful message to your target customer, it’s time to develop a sense of consistency among your franchise advertising or restaurant brand design. Consistent communication is critical!

This not only means that all locations need to communicate your message, but that everything the customer sees needs to work well together. Here is a quick list of marketing related tactics to coordinate:

  • Website
  • Email messaging
  • Social media posts
  • Signage, inside and outside
  • Point of Purchase materials
  • Marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, rack cards, gift cards or gift certificates, flyers, and posters
  • Training materials, including manuals and training aids
  • Menus and menu boards
  • Forms, invoices, delivery receipts
  • Bags and packaging materials
  • Television, Radio, Direct Mail, and other Advertising Media
  • Grassroots marketing, including sponsorship, donations, and community involvement
  • Promotional products

Take Action!

Now that you have the three main components of effective restaurant brand design and strong franchise advertising, it’s time to take action! As a natural first step, we recommend creating a marketing plan and put down in writing your target audience as well as your unique message to that audience. You also might find it helpful to hire professional design help to create a consistent look that appeals to your customers! Carry the look across all media platforms and ensure that it shines through.

In the case of franchise advertising, be sure to incorporate a strong marketing effort in your dealings with franchises. Have each franchisee create a marketing plan and ensure they understand how to execute your message. Use a web-to-print company who can help you control your branding while making it affordable.

Additionally, strongly encourage or require the purchase of a new franchisee marketing kit, and open lines of communication to inspire your franchisees to share their best ideas. Most importantly, make sure new franchisees spend an appropriate amount of their budget on advertising and marketing when they open. Start them off on the right foot!

Printing with The Print Authority

Successfully establishing a strong brand for your restaurant or franchise organization will help your company drive sales growth and profits forward. A strong foundation will instill confidence in your clients, turning them into loyal customers. If you are looking for help with any of the aforementioned tips, contact the experts at The Print Authority. With over 28 years of experience, we will ensure that you have a well-built brand moving forward.

High Quality Black and White Printing

While many people think that color drives results in marketing and training, don’t forget about high quality black and white printing! Classic black and white prints are a timeless, simple, and cost-effective tool that can really drive results in your business or organization. There’s a reason that black and white printing has remained the go-to since the beginning. If you want to implement this superior style, here are some points to consider:

Increase Credibility

Black and white printing is seen as credible and factual. Remember the saying: “Did you see it in black and white?” Many legal documents and the vast majority of books, newspapers, and online articles are either totally or mostly black and white. Boldly-colored fonts aren’t always the way to grab someone’s attention. In fact, too much vibrancy can take away from the message of your campaign or project. Sometimes a crisp, classic choice is best.

Create Contrast

Black and white text or graphics offer the highest level of contrast when looking at a sheet of paper. This contrast may make it easier to read and easier to distinguish than colored text and graphics. However, some experts think white text on a black background may not be as easy to perceive. If that’s the case for your project, try a larger font or flip the contrast to striking black text on a white background.

Utilize Grayscale Images

You can create grayscale images with black ink on white paper. Grayscale images are the original way that photos were printed when only black ink was available. Since the technology producing screens and halftones (photos) has advanced considerably, you can now produce interesting high-quality imagery with black ink only. Save the colored pictures for photo albums and try out a grayscale image today.

Try Colored Paper

Make printing in black ink more interesting. Using colored paper is an excellent choice to produce elegant book or manual covers or eye-catching flyers. There are a tremendous amount of options to consider, from neon-colored stocks to papers with metallic or mineral finishes. Try out a combination for a truly impactful design.

Stretch Your Budget Further

There can be significant differences between the cost of black and white and color printing. Whether you print to market a company, train your employees, or invite people to an event, you can do it affordably and with excellence with black and white printing. There is no downside to using black and white printing as opposed to its expensive counterpart–colored printing. No one will question your budget, they’ll simply appreciate your classic choice.

The Print Authority

Next time you have an important printing project, consider the valuable role that black and white printing can play. It doesn’t have to be dull! There are plenty of ways to turn black and white printing into a unique and bold project. If you need help deciding on which of the above tactics to use, contact the experts at The Print Authority to guide you through the process. Call or email us today!

6 Overlooked Marketing Ideas For Franchises

In today’s world of advertising, an emphasis on digital marketing can result in overlooked marketing ideas. This is especially true for traditional marketing strategies that fall into the “print” category. Although there are many different options for marketing including online and offline tools, special events, open houses, traditional print marketing, promotional items and networking, here are a few less obvious marketing ideas for franchises build up franchisee sales volume.

1.) Door Hangers

If you have a business than does service work in or around homes, try using door hangers on nearby residences to build recognition and awareness. Door hangers can be made in a variety of sizes, on different stocks, and printed in one or many ink colors. Typically, pricing drops with volume so be sure to order enough not to run out quickly.

2.) Car Magnets

Car magnets prove to be a terrific marketing tactic for any company that has a lot of people on the road doing service work. Think of how often you read the bumper stickers on a car as you’re parked at a red light. Though magnets might seem insignificant, they are easy to use and a creative design goes a long way in getting noticed. If you are looking for affordable impressions, there’s no easier and cheaper way to catch thousands of views than by driving!

3.) Yard Signs

If your organization does a lot of residential work, ask customers at the beginning of a job if you can display your yard sign in their lot. Neighbors will take interest in the commotion and your company, and they may reach out to you saying, “I’ll have what they’re having.” Yard signs are a great way to showcase your brand and get people talking.

4.) Business Card Magnets

Some businesses benefit a great deal from “refrigerator magnets”. These are the rectangle magnets that you come across at events or reception desks. With a quality design, and useful information, these business card magnets will last longer than paper cards. Whether you place it on your refrigerator, car, or mirror, friends and family are sure to spark up a conversation when they see them.

5.) Embroidered Polo Shirts

Businesses look more professional when service workers show up neatly attired, sporting the company logo. This creates a sense of unity for the customers and employees alike. When employees have cohesive, embroidered polo shirts, customers are able to spot them and seek assistance. When it comes to credibility and professionalism, embroidered polo shirts are an absolute must!

6.) Traditional Mailers

In today’s increasingly digital world, people sometimes ignore the tried-and-true postcard or simple mailing letter. However, this is the easiest way to target an area that is geographically close to your franchise location. By mailing a coupon or gift certificate, it encourages customers to leave their house and seek your business. They come to your store for the first time to redeem the coupon, but return for the service.

The Print Authority

Use one or all of these overlooked marketing ideas for franchises to bolster your franchise and you’ll notice an increase in business in no time! If you need help setting up a web to print system to utilize these marketing ideas, contact the experts at The Print Authority. We have decades of experience with printing and are eager to share this knowledge with you!