12 Pest Control Marketing Ideas That Bring in New Customers

Pest control is a high-demand service, as almost everyone needs it at some point in their lives. Therefore, it’s crucial to develop your pest control marketing technique so that clients think of you when they discover that unwanted creature in their house or apartment. In this article, we’ll help you refine your pest control advertising techniques to ensure that you’re the company people call!

How Do You Market a Pest Control Business?

Marketing is the key to your company’s success. If you’re a brand new pest control company and are starting the pest control marketing process for the first time, welcome! We know that the idea of developing a marketing strategy might feel daunting. Don’t worry! Start with a couple of items on this list and then expand. You can test various methods and find what is most effective with your target population and adjust your strategy from there.

If you’re an established pest control business looking for that extra marketing push, think about branching out and attempting new strategies that you hadn’t previously considered. It’s easy to feel like you know the marketing strategies that work for your business and refrain from trying something new, but we’re here to say that it’s always good to experiment. Chances are, you’ll find a new demographic or more effectively reach your established clientele.

This article has resources for all pest control companies, both new and old. In this article, we’ll explain the following strategies:

  1. Use Targeted Mailings To Your Advantage
  2. Perfect Your Website
  3. Integrate Online Reviews
  4. Harness The Power Of Magnets
  5. Distribute Flyers That Work
  6. Incentivize Referrals
  7. Get Your Name Out There With Door Hangers
  8. Have An Active Online Presence
  9. Help Your SEO Help You
  10. Educate Your Clients With Informative Flyers
  11. Impress Clients with Folders
  12. Provide Stellar Service

Pest Control Marketing Ideas To Bring In Customers

Let’s jump right in! Here are some of the best pest control advertising strategies for your next marketing campaign.

1. Use Targeted Mailings To Your Advantage

Targeted mailings are an effective strategy that help you get your name to new potential clients. Sending materials including postcards, mailers, and flyers to specific addresses based on location or demographics helps you focus on your target population and takes less money to bring in more customers. Your printer can help you reach your target audience.

2. Perfect Your Website

An effective website gives prospects all the information they need to know about your services, the methods you use, any chemicals you use, pricing, and reviews. A great website is intuitive and makes contacting you easy. Consider including a pop-up window offering clients a discount on their first treatment, which will convert even more viewers into customers!

Consider how Terminix has arranged their website homepage, for example. Their phone number in a large font at the top of the page makes it easy for people to contact them. As well, the large titles and photos of ants and termites help readers understand that Terminix specializes in eradicating these pests.

pest control marketing

3. Integrate Online Reviews

Reviews are a key part of any successful marketing plan. These days, both word-of-mouth reviews and online reviews are equally important. At the end of each service, give your client an instruction card that clearly explains how to leave an online review. Ask clients to leave you a review on Google and on your website so that people searching for pest control services can see that you are the best in the field.

Notice how Google displays companies’ ratings in their search results. The more ratings your company has, and the higher the ratings are, the better. Try to get as many positive reviews as possible so that people searching will be inspired to try your service!

pest control marketing

4. Harness The Power Of Magnets

Often, when people need pest control services, they need that service urgently. Distribute fridge magnets with your company’s name, hours, and contact information so that clients can call you as soon as they need you.

This fridge magnet from Evict the Squatters clearly lists all the services the company provides and their phone number so that clients can call as soon as they notice a pest.

pest control marketing

5. Distribute Flyers That Work

Spread awareness with stellar pest control advertising flyers. You can distribute your flyers directly to potential customers via direct mail, and you can also post them in public places to garner attention and help community members become more familiar with your brand. List your most popular services and consider including a discount to incentivize new clients.

Take a look at this flyer from EcoVest Hygiene and Pest Control. It clearly lists their services and prominently displays their phone number. Consider adding a flyer like this to your marketing strategy.

pest control marketing

6. Incentivize Referrals

People trust their friends and acquaintances, so make that trust work for you by setting up a referral incentive program. For example, give customers who provide referrals 10% off their next service.

Black Diamond Pest Control offers both online and printed referral forms so that customers can easily refer their friends. This hybrid approach is highly effective and brings in lots of new customers.

pest control marketing

7. Get Your Name Out There With Door Hangers

Door hangers are a highly effective marketing strategy, as they ensure reader interaction; recipients pick up the door hanger and give it a glance as they take it off of their door. Door hangers often contain discounts that motivate readers to pick up the phone and call your business.

Particularly effective door hangers contain specific information about pests that are common in the recipient’s area, as well as the ways that your company takes care of those pests. Consider printing on both sides of the door hanger, in order to include twice as much information.

8. Have An Active Online Presence

These days, being active online is necessary for any pest control marketing strategy. This involves a few steps:

  • Update your social media such as Facebook and Twitter regularly. Include updates about your hours, reminders about services you provide, helpful information about how not to attract pests, and seasonal and holiday greetings.
  • Use Google My Business to provide essential business updates.
  • Keep your website up to date. Your website is your most reliable source of information about your services, costs, and products, so be sure that it accurately reflects your company.

See how Ardent Pest Control links to informative articles on their Facebook page. Frequent informative updates such as this one both help keep your company in readers’ minds and increase their trust in your knowledge and services. Plus, you can post links to your website, which further increases your chances that visitors will engage your services.

pest control marketing

9. Help Your SEO Help You

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing your online content so that it is more likely to appear in Google searches. This fascinating process consists of many strategies including adding internal and external linking to your website, adding meta descriptions to your posts, and using specific keywords in your online content which people are likely to search for. For example, your goal might be ranking on Google for the search terms “termite removal service near me” or “pest control businesses near me.”

Terminix uses an effective meta description, which is the short sentence about a website that appears under the company’s name on Google. It’s informative and includes the keywords “home pest control services” and “local pest protection.”

pest control marketing

10. Educate Your Clients With Informative Brochures

As a pest control service, you don’t only get rid of pests; you also help clients keep those pests from returning. To that end, distribute helpful brochures to clients that explain what you’ve done and how the clients can keep their homes free from pests.

For example, if you performed a mouse removal service, leave the customer with an informative brochure about how to keep mice out of the home. By providing these free materials, customers will understand that you have their best interests at heart and will want to contact you again the next time they need pest control services.

This brochure from the Missouri Apartment Association offers an informative look at bed bugs and how to avoid them. You can make and distribute similar brochures which show that you’re a trusted source in the industry.

pest control marketing

11. Impress Clients With Folders

Every working relationship involves some paperwork at the beginning, so impress clients by giving them their paperwork in custom, high-quality, branded folders. These can also contain marketing materials, contracts, and other useful items. Folders such as the one below from Hannan Environmental Services will demonstrate from the outset that you are serious and dedicated about helping clients keep their homes pest-free.

pest control marketing

12. Provide Stellar Service

Last but certainly not least, make sure you provide an excellent service! This is arguably the most important marketing technique. From client interactions to your pest control processes, your actions should speak for themselves. When clients see the excellent job you do, they will come back for more!

Get Ready For Growth With The Print Authority’s Help

When you’re ready to make the leap into marketing your pest control company, give The Print Authority a call! With over three decades of printing expertise under our belts, we are ready to help you maximize your marketing efforts. We are passionate about helping businesses succeed! Call us at (615) 468-2679 or contact us today.

11 Fastest-Growing Franchises Entrepreneurs Should Consider

Becoming a franchisee is a path towards making a tangible difference in your community while pursuing your business dreams. The fastest-growing franchises are all exciting, invigorating business ventures in diverse sectors. They are perfect opportunities to bring your community an essential service and become a business leader.

If you’re looking to become a franchisee but feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of franchises out there, look no further! In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about the fastest-growing franchises.

Fastest-Growing Franchises With True Profit Potential

The number of franchises out there can be daunting, so we’ve narrowed it down for you. If you want to invest in yourself and your community, consider these top new franchises that are all experiencing rapid growth.*

Jan-Pro Cleaning and Disinfecting

Jan-Pro Cleaning and Disinfecting has been helping the world stay clean since 1991. By offering cleaning services to businesses, schools, and other organizations, this top franchise takes care of cleaning and hygiene so that organizations can focus on their daily operations.

Jan-Pro helps take care of the Earth through its “green cleaning” initiative, which uses cleaning products that contain fewer chemicals.

Founding date: 1991

Initial investment: $4K-$56K

Royalty fees: 10%

Unit growth over the past 3 years: 19%

F45 Training

Get moving with F45 Training! This fitness studio franchise’s 45-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes attract community members who are looking to get in shape. This best new franchise is expanding quickly, so join it as it takes off!

Founding date: 2015

Initial investment: $313K-$485K

Royalty fees: $2.5K+/month

Unit growth over the past 3 years: 95%

Stratus Building Solutions

Stratus Building Solutions brings safety and security to your community. This company has proprietary chemicals and equipment, as well as “Status Green Clean” offerings. Becoming a franchisee with this innovative cleaning and restoration company is a surefire way to make the world a better place while bringing in a profit.

Founding date: 2004

Initial investment: $4K-$80K

Royalty fees: 5%

Unit growth over the past 3 years: 56%

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness’s strategy is unique: each location of this fitness franchise is open 24-hours, using technology to ensure security while decreasing the need for staffing. Members can work out any time, any day, without raising the franchise’s operating cost. Hundreds of thousands of people join fitness clubs every year, so investing in this franchise is sure to pay off.

Founding date: 2001

Initial investment: $73K-$694K

Royalty fees: $449-$649/month

Unit growth over the past 3 years: 20%

Goosehead Insurance

If you’re passionate about increasing people’s peace of mind, become a franchisee with Goosehead Insurance. This best new franchise company provides comprehensive insurance for cars, homes, and more, with transparency and accessibility as its main values.

This company is seeking franchisees throughout the United States, so if you’re interested in joining a successful business, it might just be the perfect match.

Founding date: 2003

Initial investment: $42K-$117K

Royalty fees: 20-50%

Unit growth over the past 3 years: 214%


Servpro is a unique franchise company that specializes in disaster reparation such as repairing damages from fires and flooding. The company’s founders based their headquarters in Gallatin, Tennessee, to be within 600 miles of 50% of the United States’ population. If you want to make a true difference in the world, this just might be the franchise for you.

Founding date: 1967

Initial investment: $192K-$246K

Royalty fees: 3-10%

Unit growth over the past 3 years: 14%

Card My Yard

Bring art and happiness to your community –– and a profit to yourself –– by becoming a Card My Yard franchisee. This unique company rents all types of yard signs, from birthday messages to congratulations messages and more. These days, yard signs provide joy and connection when it might be difficult to gather in person for celebrations, making now the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon with this top new franchise company.

Founding date: 2014

Initial investment: $8K-$17K

Royalty fees: 25%

Unit growth over the past 3 years: 431%

Dream Vacations

Get ready to be over the moon with Dream Vacations! This travel agency sells travel packages, excursions, trip insurance, and more, enabling customers to have the trip of a lifetime. As more and more people are traveling, now is the perfect time to embark on the journey of becoming a Dream Vacations franchisee. All aboard!

Founding date: 1991

Initial investment: $2K-$21K

Royalty fees: 1.5-3%

Unit growth over the past 3 years: 12%

Code Ninjas

Invest in the next generation with Code Ninjas. This innovative company provides coding classes for kids, offering them valuable skills and helping them learn and grow. More and more parents want their kids to learn how to code, and this business is currently one of the fastest-growing franchises, so becoming a Code Ninjas franchisee is a surefire investment.

Founding date: 2016

Initial investment: $130K-349K

Royalty fees: 6.5-12%

Unit growth over the past 3 years: 615%


Rooter-Man to the rescue! This franchise company provides plumbing, sewer, and drain cleaning services around the country. If you want to help others with pressing issues and become a successful business owner, consider starting a Rooter-Man franchise location.

Founding date: 1970

Initial investment: $47K-138K

Royalty fees: Varies

Unit growth over the past 3 years: 12%

Century 21 Real Estate

Century 21 Real Estate is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world. With a 66% increase in units over the past three years, this real estate company makes housing accessible to more people than ever before.

This franchise is well-established, with many decades of experience, yet it is still rapidly expanding. If you enjoy helping people find their forever home, this might be the franchise for you.

Founding date: 1971

Initial investment: $25K-$457K

Royalty fees: 6%

Unit growth over the past 3 years: 66%

How To Choose a Profitable Franchise

When you’re deciding which franchise to own, it’s important to do your own homework and consider all the angles. According to 2019 research, the two-year success rate for franchises was 6% higher than the success rate for independent businesses. However, different franchises have different success rates, so be sure to choose one that you think has the highest chance of success. It’s also important to consider your temperament in deciding whether to become a franchisee. Business ownership isn’t the right fit for everyone, but it can do wonders for the right person.

Consider the franchise’s product. Make sure that it offers a product or service that is adaptable for multiple customer profiles. Choose a business that can adapt as customers’ needs change.

As well, make sure to research the franchise’s structure and management. Is there clear communication between the franchisor and franchisees? Does the franchisor help franchisees with marketing? Does it establish efficient processes and procedures? If the answers to these questions are no, consider looking elsewhere.

Of course, also consider franchise costs. In addition to rent, remodeling, marketing, and personnel fees, remember that franchises have a franchise fee and a royalty fee. The franchise fee is a one-time fee that gives you the right to use the franchisor’s brand, software, materials, and support network, and the royalty fee is a percentage of your revenue.

A franchise with a low franchise fee but a high royalty fee might ultimately cost more than one with a larger franchise fee but a smaller royalty fee. Keep these costs in mind as you’re making a decision. Soon enough, you will have narrowed your list down and found the perfect match for you!

Set Your Franchise Up For Success With The Print Authority

One of the key aspects of a successful franchise is quality printed products, including marketing materials, menus, and more. Here at The Print Authority, we’re passionate about using printing to help franchisees achieve their goals.

For over three decades, we’ve partnered with franchises to design, print, and distribute all printed materials, and we specialize in web to print portals for franchises that make ordering printed products quick, easy, and affordable. To learn more about our franchise printing services, contact us today!

*Be sure to carefully consider the risks and benefits of franchise ownership in any specific franchise brand before making an investment. We are not endorsing any of these franchise brands specifically, but just presenting you with options to start the process of evaluating franchise ownership. Please obtain independent advice from professionals in making your decision.

Web to Print Essential Guide: Process, Best Practices & More

All businesses have many moving parts, and businesses with multiple locations have even more. Luckily, web to print services make printing easy and efficient, which means one less moving part for you to worry about. If you’re looking for consistency, efficiency, and reduced costs, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about web to print solutions!

What is Web To Print?

Simply put, a web to print service is a website that employees or users at your company’s various branches can use to order printed materials. It is a custom website that contains all the printed materials that different locations might need which allows employees, franchisees, or affiliates to order and have products delivered directly to them. Web to print makes business printing across multiple locations easy.

In summary, it is a simple, intuitive way to order and distribute consistent, high-quality printing to multiple locations stress-free!

5 Web To Print Benefits

Online printing portals are the future of print technology. Here’s how they’re beneficial to businesses across the board:

  1. They’re easy to use. Each web to print storefront has been designed with the user in mind. Since proofs or templates have been pre-approved, ordering products is a breeze.
  2. They ensure brand consistency. Each item presented to the public should enhance your brand’s image. By providing branches with pre-approved branded products, you maintain control of your brand. You can rest assured that all branch locations are using the same materials and providing a cohesive customer experience.
  3. They are efficient. Individual branches or franchise locations can order their own materials that will be sent directly to them, so there’s no need for bulk ordering, storage facilities, or additional delivery costs. Plus, online portals lead to speedy delivery, so branches will receive the materials they need in no time!
  4. They take care of assembly and kitting. In addition to only printing, web to print portals can handle finishing and kitting services as well. Simply order a kit online and have it delivered to your branch or restaurant.
  5. They control costs. With preset pricing, using web to print portals ensures that you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay for each order. No surprise costs here!

With all of these benefits, it’s clear that web to print is the perfect solution for all kinds of businesses.

The Web To Print Process Explained

If the idea of using a printing portal sounds daunting, let us assure you that it is not hard! Web to print is easy to set up and use. Here’s how the process works.

First, find a printing company that creates web to print portals. Different printing companies might focus on different business sectors or company structures, so it’s important to discuss your business needs. This way you can make sure the provider is a good match and can provide all the services you need.

Then, the printing company will create a custom branded website for your business. You can send templates and designs of the printed materials your branches and employees need, or you can ask your printer to design and upload them for you.

For products that are not customized by the end-user, you can pre-approve specific designs and receive advance proofs of these products so that individual orders won’t require proofs later.

The printing company will provide secure login details for you and your branches so that branches can order the products they need.

Then, branches can log into the website and order these pre-approved materials and have them customized as needed, including franchise addresses, names on business cards, and more.

Your printing company will then print, finish, and ship the materials directly to each location that placed an order. It’s that simple!

Web To Print Features

The Print Authority’s web portals offer an amazing variety of features, including:

  • Simple, Easy to Use Portals.  Our portals are highly visual and are organized for your success!
  • Custom Branded Portals. Let users know they are ordering from the approved source for your organization’s printed materials by customizing the portal.
  • Organize by Product Category or Geographic Region. You can make sure all products are easy to locate and order.
  • Online Customization. Variable data can be accommodated easily, letting the end-user select fonts, colors, and even photos from a pre-approved set. The user sees a final proof before placing the order.
  • Marketing, Sales, and Start-Up Kits. Get your users off on the right foot by providing or requiring them to purchase groups of materials to ensure their success.
  • Password Protected Access. You control access to make sure only authorized users use the portal. We offer both self-sign-up or a pre-approved list of users.
  • Supervisor Approval. We can require orders to be approved by a supervisor to make sure the Home Office controls final content.
  • Apparel, Promotional Products, and Print Related Materials. We are a one-stop-shop for print-related materials.
  • Multilevel Access Based on User Category. Limit users to order only products which are relevant to them. Access can be controlled based on login.
  • Easy Updating Process. Let us know any changes you need to make and we will take care of them for you!

Work With The Web To Print Experts at The Print Authority!

When you’re ready to make the leap to a custom web portal, The Print Authority is here to help. Our web portals help support businesses’ sales and profitability. Our unique portals are branded so your distributors know they are purchasing from the business’ authorized supplier of printed materials. We offer many customization options and can supply many products to support your dealer or distributor networks.

Give us a call at (615) 468-2679 or contact us online today!

Nonprofit Brochures: Ideas, Examples, and Templates

Your nonprofit organization helps make the world a better place, and your brochures help you acquire the money and volunteers you need to put your plans into action. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about nonprofit brochures. Let’s get started!

How To Pick the Best Brochure for Your Nonprofit

The following ideas can help you design effective nonprofit brochures.

Decide On a Size

When it comes to brochures, you can choose from myriad sizes and folding techniques. Consider how much information you’d like to present in your brochure. Is your content appropriate for a tri-fold brochure? Or a small booklet? Or, if you have a lot of information to convey, perhaps a large half-fold brochure? Each brochure size is a highly effective tool when used correctly.

Introduce Some Color

Printing a brochure in color makes it more dynamic and increases the emotional effect on the reader. If you have photos of communities you serve or graphics that illustrate how donations are spent, by all means, include them!

Consider Your Audience

Use language appropriate for your audience. Potential donors want to fully understand where their donations could be spent, so use language that is detailed enough to clearly explain your mission.

Consider creating multiple versions of your nonprofit promotional items for various target demographics. For example, a brochure aimed towards corporate donors might also include information about group employee volunteer opportunities. At the same time, a brochure targeting small individual donors may need to include different information.

Be Yourself

Your brochure readers are considering whether they’d like to donate to your cause, so give readers an accurate portrait of what their money, time, or energy will contribute to. Display your mission statement prominently and make your organization’s priorities clear.

Inspire Action

Your brochure is ultimately a marketing tool. Make donating easy, and explain how contributions will help make the world a better place. Your brochures will be generating leads in no time!

Nonprofit Brochure Ideas And Examples

Now that we’ve discussed some key features of nonprofit brochures, let’s look at some examples and explore what makes them so effective.

Transparency Leads To Donations

nonprofit brochure

This brochure clearly indicates how donations will help the organization build a stronger community. Explaining what each donation will achieve can encourage donors to contribute because they know exactly how their money will be spent. It may also motivate small donors who might otherwise think that their small donation won’t have an impact.

Give Donors Options

nonprofit brochure

This brochure succinctly explains the nonprofit’s various projects, which helps potential donors better understand specific activities for which they can volunteer. The bold, red headings are easy to skim, helping readers find the most pertinent sections to their interests.

Bold Design Is Memorable

nonprofit brochure

This environmental brochure uses a bright green background that links it to its environmental cause in a memorable way. Its bolded, all-caps headings also make a splash, encouraging readers to pay attention to the body text below.

Make Membership Easy

nonprofit brochure

This brochure is targeted towards potential members, so it prominently displays information about how to become a member, such as locations, membership fees, and membership benefits. This makes it as easy as possible for readers to take tangible steps towards joining the organization.

Environmental Inspiration

nonprofit brochure

This brochure inspires readers to take action. It uses a large, bold font to highlight specific steps readers can take to increase their environmental activism. As well, it includes skilfully chosen graphics such as a tree with a fingerprint instead of leaves to illustrate how humanity and the climate are interwoven, which further inspires emotional attachment and action.

The Best Nonprofit Brochure Templates

If you’re considering designing a nonprofit brochure, take a look at the following nonprofit brochure template software. They can provide the basic design, letting you focus on generating content such as stellar copy and photographs.


Canva makes designing nonprofit brochures easy. Use or adapt one of their many templates, or make your own brochure design from scratch. With Canva, anyone can design the perfect brochure.


Adobe provides numerous brochure templates. Many templates are free to use, and consider creating an Adobe account to gain access to even more templates and design elements, as well as increased customizability options.

Microsoft Office

If you use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office’s brochure templates can make template design simple. With a range of designs and themes, you’re sure to find one that fits your nonprofit. Simply download the template from Microsoft’s website, and you’re ready to get started!

The Print Authority Can Print Your Nonprofit Brochure

If you’re looking to partner with a professional printer for your nonprofit brochure, The Print Authority is here to help! With over three decades of experience printing brochures and other promotional items for nonprofits, we have extensive expertise with nonprofits of all sizes.

Once you have your design, we can take care of printing and distribution, giving you time to focus on what matters most: making a difference in the world. Contact us today!

2021-2022 Franchise Trade Show Calendar

Trade shows serve as exhibitions for companies showcasing new products and services.

Usually, these trade shows cater to a specific industry and are not open to the public. Franchise expos often feature hundreds, or even thousands, of business owners with franchise opportunities.

Franchise trade shows and conventions happen year-round in many locations all over the world.

In this article, you can get a glimpse of all trade shows happening in the United States, Canada, and internationally in 2021 and 2022. Each franchise trade show and franchise convention is listed by date.

Also, keep in mind that in-person conferences may have COVID-19 safety measures in place, including smaller numbers of attendees, mask requirements, or virtual options for attendance. Check the convention’s website before registering to verify their safety measures.

Find out which franchise expos you would like to make an appearance at in this comprehensive list!

2021–2022 United States Franchise Trade Shows and Conventions

franchise trade shows

The United States has a wealth of franchise trade shows nationwide. Pack your bags and prepare for the following franchise conventions!

The Great American Franchise Expo Orlando Oct 9–10, 2021 Orange County Convention Center / Orlando, Florida
The Great American Franchise Expo Houston Oct 16–17, 2021 Stafford Center / Houston, Texas
The Franchise Show Boston Oct 16–17, 2021 Royal Plaza Trade Center / Boston, Massachusetts
The Franchise Development & Leadership Conference Oct 19–21, 2021 InterContinental Buckhead Hotel / Atlanta, Georgia
The Franchise Show Atlanta Nov 5–6, 2021 Cobb Galleria / Atlanta, Georgia
The Great American Franchise Expo Dallas Nov 6–7, 2021 Irving Convention Center / Dallas, Texas
The Franchise Show Raleigh Nov 20–21, 2021 North Carolina State Fair Expo Center / Raleigh, North Carolina
The Franchise Show Dallas Jan 21–22, 2022 Dallas Market Hall / Dallas, Texas
The Franchise Show New York-New Jersey Jan 29–30, 2022 Meadowlands Expo Center / Secaucus, New Jersey
The Great American Franchise Expo Houston Feb 19–20, 2022 Stafford Center / Houston, Texas
International Franchise Association Annual Convention Feb 26–March 3, 2022 San Diego Convention Center / San Diego, California
Franchise Expo West March 18–19, 2022 Phoenix Convention Center / Phoenix, Arizona
The Great American Franchise Expo Dallas March 19–20, 2022 Irving Convention Center / Dallas, Texas
The Franchise Show Philadelphia March 25–26, 2022 Pennsylvania Convention Center / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Great American Franchise Expo Orlando March 26–27, 2022 Orange County Convention Center / Orlando, Florida
The Great American Franchise Expo Miami April 9–10, 2022 Miami Airport Convention Center / Miami, Florida
The Great American Franchise Expo Tampa April 23–24, 2022 Tampa Convention Center / Tampa, Florida
The Franchise Show Washington, D.C./Virginia May 7–8, 2022 Dulles Expo Center / Chantilly, Virginia
The Great American Franchise Expo Atlanta May 14–15, 2022 Cobb Galleria / Atlanta, Georgia
The Franchise Show Houston May 21–22, 2022 NRG Center / Houston, Texas
The Franchise Show Orlando June 4–5, 2022 Hyatt Regency Orlando / Orlando, Florida
The Great American Franchise Expo Charlotte June 11–12, 2022 Charlotte Convention Center / Charlotte, North Carolina
The Franchise Marketing & Leadership Conference June 20–23, 2022 InterContinental Buckhead Hotel / Atlanta, Georgia
Franchise Expo South Sept 9–10, 2022 Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center / Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
The Great American Franchise Expo New York-New Jersey Sept 10–11, 2022 New Jersey Expo and Convention Center / Edison, New Jersey
The Great American Franchise Expo Washington, DC Sept 17–18, 2022 Dulles Expo Center / Chantilly, Virginia
The Great American Franchise Expo Austin Oct 1–2, 2022 Palmer Event Center / Austin, Texas
The Great American Franchise Expo Dallas Oct 8–9, 2022 Fort Worth Convention Center / Fort Worth, Texas
The Great American Franchise Expo Houston Nov 12–13, 2022 Lone Star Convention Center / Conroe, Texas

2021–2022 Canada Franchise Trade Shows and Franchising Conventions

franchise trade shows

Take a trip across the border and network with franchisees in the American and Canadian markets at these upcoming franchise expos.

The Franchise Expo Vancouver Oct 16–17, 2021 Vancouver Convention Centre / Vancouver, British Columbia
The Franchise Expo London Oct 23–24, 2021 RBC Place London / London, Ontario
The Franchise Expo Montréal Nov 13–14, 2021 Palais des Congrès / Montréal, Québec
The Franchise Expo Calgary Nov 20–21, 2021 TELUS Convention Center / Calgary, Alberta
The Franchise Expo Halifax Jan 29–30, 2022 Halifax Convention Centre / Halifax, Nova Scotia
The Franchise Expo Winnipeg March 5–6, 2022 RBC Convention Centre / Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Franchise Expo Ottawa April 23–24, 2022 EY Centre / Ottawa, Ontario
The Franchise Expo Québec City May 14–15, 2022 ExpoCité – Centre des foires / Québec City, Québec

2021–2022 International Franchise Trade Shows and Franchising Conventions

franchise trade shows

Take your endeavors abroad to a new market and an even larger audience at an international trade show.

International Franchise Show London Oct 1–2, 2021 London ExCeL / London, England
Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo Brisbane Oct 8–9, 2021 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre / Brisbane, Australia
International Franchise Show Seoul Oct 14–16, 2021 COEX Convention Center / Seol, South Korea
Warsaw Franchise Expo Oct 14–16, 2021 Palace of Culture and Science / Warsaw, Poland
Japan International Franchise Show Oct 28–29, 2021 INTEX Osaka / Osaka, Japan
Franchise Expo 2021 Nov 4–6, 2021 Exhibition Center Frankfurt / Frankfurt, Germany
Seoul International Sourcing Fair Nov 4–6, 2021 COEX Convention Center / Seol, South Korea
International Franchise Expo Shanghai Nov 9–11, 2021 Shanghai New International Expo Centre / Shanghai, China
Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo Melbourne Nov 26–27, 2021 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre / Melbourne, Australia
Japan International Franchise Show March 2–4, 2022 Tokyo Big Sight / Tokyo, Japan
Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo Sydney March 25–26, 2022 ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour / Sydney, Australia

Franchise Shows Help Your Business Grow

Franchise trade shows and expos are some of the best opportunities to elevate your business. Learn from the experts as well as other franchisees to discover best practices.

Franchise shows are the best place to learn about new technologies such as exciting advances in franchise management systems. Conventions also contain the time for networking, giving you a chance to forge strong connections that help you and your business.

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Did you know that high-quality printed materials can electrify franchises? These materials include startup kits, banners, brochures, catalogs, informational booklets, flyers, business cards, and more.

The Print Authority has nearly three decades of experience creating materials for trade shows, expos, and conventions. In addition, we have wide-ranging expertise in implementing web to print marketing programs for franchise organizations.

This top printing company can design, print, and ship everything from your trade show material checklist. If you are placing a last-minute order and need the materials fast, The Print Authority can even help with rush printing services. That means you can get same-day or next-day printing and one or two-day shipping in most states.

If you need help with franchise marketing or franchise branding, The Print Authority can help with that too! Our high-end graphic design services can assist with concept development, branding, logo design, and design for prints of all shapes and sizes.

The Print Authority team will help you implement a web to print program for your franchise organization, with expertise creating franchise software web portals, maintaining brand standards, and helping franchisees grow using print-based marketing.

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How to Create a Franchise Operations Manual

A franchise operations manual is a vital document for every franchise. If creating such a large and important document feels overwhelming, never fear! In this article, we’ll explain how to make a stellar franchise operations manual that helps your company succeed.

Why a Franchise Operations Manual is Essential

Every successful franchise is grounded in a manual. In order to provide the same experience at all locations, franchisees need a central organization method that maintains consistency. A company-wide manual provides exactly this structure and protocol so that every location can flourish, no matter the location.

Your company’s manual is an important training and operations tool. Your goal of providing stellar service necessitates a clear and uniform resource that provides information to all employees. An operations manual is exactly this tool.

A franchise manual also helps your company avoid legal pitfalls. With detailed explanations of local laws and regulations, the manual helps ensure compliance with all related rules.

What to Include in a Franchise Operations Manual

  1. A meaningful introduction. From the beginning of your manual, make your company’s brand and ethos clear. Include your mission statement and code of conduct. Provide biographies of the company’s leaders. Set the tone for the rest of the manual and the workplace attitude that you want to cultivate.
  2. An explanation of the company structure and the process of establishing a new franchise location. Make the franchisor-franchisee relationship easy to understand. How do the two entities communicate with each other? What is the flow of information? What is the process to start a franchise location? Answer all of these questions in this section.
  3. Training materials. What would a manual be without instructions? Here, explain everything employees need to know to do their jobs well. From interacting with customers to running machines, explain all aspects of the day-to-day job.
  4. Information about company policies. Every employee should be familiar with company policies. This is simply a matter of safety and legality, as well as good service. Be sure that your franchise operations manual provides all the important information that any employee needs to know to keep themselves and your business safe.
  5. Software and operations instructions. Franchises frequently use advanced franchise management software systems that facilitate communication between locations, as well as between franchisor and franchisee. Make sure your manual clearly explains your software and operations information.
  6. Marketing advice. Franchises need to market themselves to attract customers and be successful while also adhering to company branding and standards. Provide guidelines for both online and paper marketing. You can even provide links to online templates or to your company’s custom web to print portal for printed marketing material. Make sure these materials are comprehensive. After all, each location’s success is vital to your whole company’s success!
  7. Other information. It takes a lot of information and knowledge to successfully run a franchise. Be sure to include any other information that employees will need. These depend on your franchise and the service it provides.

Franchise Manual Table of Contents

As you’re building your franchise manual, you might be wondering how best to organize everything. Here is a sample franchise operations manual table of contents.

  1. Introduction
    1. Profile of the company
    2. Mission statement
    3. Code of conduct
    4. Biographies of the CEO and management team
    5. Explanation of the brand
  2. Pre-opening information
    1. Relationship between franchisors and franchisees
      1. Communication expectations
      2. Reporting processes
    2. Process of opening a new franchise location
      1. Selecting a site and building or remodeling a location
      2. Acquiring a license and insurance
      3. Staffing
      4. Establishing inventory
      5. Grand opening
  3. Personnel
    1. Employee positions and requirements for each position
    2. Hiring and terminating
    3. The training process
  4. Company Policies
    1. Client interactions
    2. Quality and standards of service
    3. Handling complaints and problems
  5. Operations and Software
    1. Opening and closing procedures
    2. Cleaning standards and procedures
    3. Software explanations and instructions
    4. Inventory procedures
    5. Office equipment explanations
  6. Marketing
    1. Overall marketing strategy
    2. Branding guidelines
    3. Approved media
    4. Paper marketing techniques
    5. Online marketing techniques and social media
    6. Links to further marketing resources on the company’s website
  7. Other resources
    1. Industry-specific information
    2. Online resources

The Print Authority Prints Franchise Operations Manuals

Now that you’re ready to create your franchise operations manual, The Print Authority is ready to help you print it. We specialize in business printing, and we can take care of the design, print, and distribution to all of your locations for a variety of print and print-related materials. We love using printing to help franchises succeed! Contact us today.

Menu Printing Companies

Finding a reliable menu printing company for your restaurant chain can be extremely difficult. That’s why we created this list of the best restaurant menu printing companies for restaurant chains like you who need a reliable printing partner to help fuel your growth.

Best Restaurant Menu Printing Companies

The Print Authority

restaurant menu printing companies

For over 30 years, The Print Authority has offered restaurant printing services for companies with multiple locations in different states. From custom training materials to menu design and printing, The Print Authority helps progressive restaurant companies grow.

A leading restaurant menu printing company, the Print Authority has worked with both large chains and smaller restaurants since 1991. From printing and shipping menu rollouts to designing and printing training cards, posters, manuals, and other items, The Print Authority enables your restaurant to achieve better efficiency and provide superior service.

Website: The Print Authority
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm CT
Phone: (615) 468-2679
Contact: CustomerService@ThePrintAuthority.com
Yelp: The Print Authority


restaurant menu printing companiesMenus are an essential aspect of any restaurant or food and beverage service business. NextDayFlyers offers menu printing for dine-in menus, as well as takeout menus, in a variety of sizes and folds. All menus are printed on sturdy, sophisticated cardstock. Print in full color and choose a glossy UV coating or a matte finish to complete the look of your menu.

If you’re in a hurry, no need to worry: you can choose same-day printing if you submit your order by 10:00 am PT. NextDayFlyers also provides speedy distribution, with options for delivery within one or two business days.

Website: NextDayFlyers
Hours: Vary by location
Phone: 855-898-9870
Contact: customercare@nextdayflyers.com
Yelp: NextDayFlyers


restaurant menu printing companies

Menu printing is easy and affordable with MustHaveMenus. You can rely on MustHaveMenus’ in-house design services to design the menu for you, or you can upload an already completed one. They also offer multiple templates to help you design your own menu.

With next-day shipping within the US, MustHaveMenus can get your order to you quickly and easily. They also offer many other restaurant products, such as table tents, loyalty cards, gift certificates, and sandwich boards, so you can order everything you need at once.

Website: MustHaveMenus
Hours: Monday-Friday 6 am-4 pm PT
Phone: 1-800-452-2234
Contact: MustHaveMenus

Print Place

restaurant menu printing companiesMenu printing is available in multiple sizes and paper stocks at Print Place. With many types of folding for printed menus, including accordion folding, gate folding, tri-folding, z-folding, roll folding, and more, you’re sure to find the menu style you’re looking for. If you’re looking for inspiration, Print Place offers templates on their website.

The ordering process is easy. Simply upload your design to their website or design it online. Or, if you’d like different dimensions for your menu, fill out a custom quote form. Select “same day printing,” send your menus to press by noon CT, and Print Place will print it the same day.

Website: Print Place
Hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-8 pm CT
Phone: 877-405-3949
Contact: Contact page
Yelp: Print Place

Print Safari

restaurant menu printing companies

Print Safari is a restaurant menu printing company that offers printed mini menus. Each mini menu is printed on 4”x10” paper and folded to 4”x2.5”, perfect for portable to-go menus that are easy to store in a pocket or purse.

Print Safari’s mini menus are printed on 100lb gloss paper. Specify your preferred colors and design for print restaurant menus that grab attention. When ordering mini menus from Print Safari, businesses can expect their purchases in about a week.

Website: Print Safari
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm ET
Phone: 716-226-1643
Contact: support@printsafari.com

Menu Masters

restaurant menu printing companies

Menu Masters offers various products, including menu covers, printed menus, and tabletop marketing materials. This menu printing company produces menus for restaurants, casinos, country clubs, hotels, and more. The company offers design, print, and fulfillment services.

When purchasing menu covers, you can choose from a range of materials, such as leather, wood, metal, and a range of synthetic materials. You will be sure to find the material you’re looking for.

In addition to printing menus for restaurants, Menu Masters also designs online menus and restaurant websites so that restaurants can ensure continued success in today’s digital age.

Website: Menu Masters
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5 pm CT
Phone: 1-800-542-6388
Contact: info@menumasters.net
Yelp: Menu Masters


restaurant menu printing companies

UPrinting is one of the restaurant menu printing companies that makes menus easy. With many sizes and paper options, their website makes it simple to upload your design and choose the right specifications for your desired product.

UPrinting offers multiple paper options and lamination choices. Choose 3-millimeter gloss or matte lamination for menus that can easily be wiped off and cleaned, allowing for safe, repeated use by many customers. Menus can typically be delivered in approximately one week.

Website: UPrinting
Hours: 9 am-5 pm PT
Phone: 888-888-4211
Contact: Contact page
Yelp: UPrinting


restaurant menu printing companiesPrintRunner is one of the restaurant menu printing companies that offers a flexible online print portal. With one- and two-sided full-color options, your menu is sure to make a splash. Similar to some other menu printing companies on this list, PrintRunner provides templates so that you can easily design your own menus.

If you’re still deciding on your design, you can purchase menus and upload your design later. If you order between 25 and 200 copies, PrintRunner can ship your menus within six business days after you place your order.

Website: PrintRunner
Phone: 888-296-5760
Contact: customercare@printrunner.com
Yelp: PrintRunner

How To Pick a Restaurant Menu Printing Company

As you choose a restaurant menu design company, do some research to ensure that you’re choosing the one that best fits your needs. Here are some questions to ask and topics to investigate for each company:

  • Does it have substantial experience in the industry?
  • Does it specialize in menu design and printing?
  • How flexible is it with designs?
  • Which papers does it offer? Which folds?
  • Does it offer lamination?
  • What is the printing turnaround time?
  • What is the cost?
  • What is the shipping time?
  • Is there a customer support team who can work with you and answer your questions?

Print Your Restaurant Menus With The Print Authority!

With three decades of experience printing restaurant menus, The Print Authority is ready to help you take your next menu from idea to reality. We offer many paper, print, and finishing options, and we are experts in kitting services and rollouts to multiple locations. Our entire team is here to help! To learn more, contact us today.

Managers Guide to Sales Collateral Success: Tips & Examples

Did you know that 67% of buyers rely more on content now than they did in the past few years? Excellent sales collateral is one of the most important tools to grow your business. From attracting new prospects to sealing the deal, it’s key in every step of the sales process. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about sales collateral!

What is Sales Collateral?

In short, sales collateral consists of all of the products that your sales team uses to attract prospects and turn them into clients. This, therefore, includes all the tried-and-true sales items that your sales team relies on.

Your sales collateral provides prospects with crucial information that helps them decide whether they’d like to become a client. This can include pricing, technical information, and explanations of your products and services, among many others.

Effective sales collateral can make the difference between a potential customer glancing your way and then moving on, versus a long-term sales relationship.

12 Effective Sales Collateral Ideas To Implement

Your sales collateral makes a difference in your business’s success. Now it’s time to discuss the most effective types of sales collateral!


Traditional brochures give prospects in the early research stages important information about your service. Be sure that your brochure explains what problems you solve and why you’re a better choice than your competitors. Consider printing your brochure on 80# or 100# Gloss text to ensure a professional look while still being lightweight and strong.

Competitor Comparisons

Sell your product by showing how much better you are than the competition. Print competitor comparisons so that your salespeople can accurately describe your strengths and prospects can see that your company is the best.

For this type of sales collateral, include a pricing guide with your competitor comparison so that prospects can see that your service is the best financial option.


Give prospects a physical reminder of your business by sending them a professionally-printed mailer. Don’t let them forget about you! Consider enlisting the help of a professional designer to make a mailer that can’t be ignored.

Buyer’s Guides

A buyer’s guide gives prospects all the information they need to start making purchasing decisions. Print your buyer’s guides in color and on high-quality paper or cardstock so that they stand out from the crowd.

White Papers

White papers provide detailed information about services and present your clients with solutions. According to DemandGen, 71% of B2B consumers use white papers when doing product research, so make your white papers work for you!


Keep your prospects in the know with a regular newsletter, either printed or digital. In fact, 40% of buyers engage with at least 3-5 pieces of content before even engaging with a salesperson. So start this process early with a great newsletter in a great font!

Sales Playbooks

An effective sales playbook is one of your sales team’s most important tools! Research shows that using a sales playbook increases the number of salespeople who hit their annual quotas by 15%. Consider using coil or Wire-O binding for your sales playbooks so that they lie flat when open.

Case Studies

Case studies are highly effective at turning leads into clients. In fact, 73% of buyers say that a case study was an important part of their decision-making process. In addition to a summary of your stellar work, add a testimonial to illustrate your positive outcomes.

Data Sheets

Data sheets provide the answer to any question a customer might have. This is where to get into the nitty-gritty of technical specs and provide all the information a client could possibly want to know.


By providing helpful advice and information to prospects and others, your blog posts cement your position as an expert in your field. Digital content is also easy to share; according to DiamondGen, 74% of respondents share blog posts with their colleagues. Use your blog as a way to get your name out there and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Sales Scripts

Since 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone, you need to make your calls count! Your sales scripts can be digital or printed so that they’re at the ready when your sales representative is on the phone. Make your collateral templates easy to read and customizable for the prospect, with bolded or highlighted places for the salesperson to easily fill in the prospect’s information.

FAQ Answer Sheet

Prospective customers will infallibly ask questions in the sales process that your sales representative might not know the answer to. That’s where internal-facing FAQ answer sheets come into play. Print a document for each salesperson with answers to all the questions that potential customers might ask so that they’re prepared for any question that comes their way.

Marketing Collateral Best Practices

If you’re trying to create the best possible sales collateral, remember the following:

  • Make sure to have your audience in mind for each piece of sales collateral you create.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. When you have material that works for you, use it with multiple clients.
  • Make your branding clear and use it on every piece of marketing collateral you produce. This will make your company recognizable and help customers remember you.
  • Always ensure a positive experience with your brand. Each time potential buyers interact with your company, they should emerge with a positive association with your brand.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. Use data and analytics provided by other departments to make your sales collateral spectacular.
  • Update your sales collateral frequently. According to LearnHub, 90% of B2B sellers don’t use sales material because they feel it is irrelevant, outdated, and difficult to customize. Don’t let this happen to your company!

Work with a Professional Printer

When it’s time to print stellar sales collateral, The Print Authority is ready. With three decades of experience using printing to help companies succeed, we are well-versed in sales collateral. We will work with you to design, print, and distribute items that will help your company for years to come. As well, we create fantastic web portals for companies seeking a simple way to distribute sales collateral across the organization. Contact us today to learn more!

Creative Direct Sales Business Tools for Better Efficiency

Direct sales are a cornerstone of the economy. A sector that’s improving leaps and bounds with the help of technology, direct sales are easier to manage than ever before. This article explains some of the most helpful direct sales business tools that can help your company thrive.

Direct Sales Business Tools that Streamline Your Process

Keep reading to learn about some of the top direct sales business tools that will help your company decrease stress and increase profits.

Create Consistent Marketing Materials

Whether your sales team is spread out across a city, a state, or a country, it’s imperative to provide all potential and current clients with consistent marketing materials. A branded web to print portal lets each team or salesperson order company materials from a centralized website stocked with pre-designed yet customizable branded products. The products are sent directly to the individual or team — no need to wait for an order to be processed and approved, shipped to a main office or warehouse, and then sent to the salesperson who needs it.

By promoting a cohesive company-wide marketing scheme with easy and fast distribution, and seamless, speedy, and cost-effective access to marketing materials, web to print portals are direct sales business tools that let employees focus on what’s important — making sales.

Enhance Client Communication

Are you wondering how to get the word out about new products and offers? Let your customers know in an email or digital newsletter! Leading to a significant return on investment, email marketing is an easy direct sales business tool that saves you time, travel, and money.

Customers love feeling special, so consider reaching out with a personal email. Or, if your company has a sale or promotion, send a newsletter to all your clients at once. Email communication helps you stay in contact with clients from a distance and maintain your relationship between in-person meetings. Online email and newsletter design platforms such as Constant Contact can help you create communications that impress clients and lead to increased sales.

Polish Online Impressions

When it comes to marketing, looks are everything. Web to print portals ensure that your printed products look perfect. But what do you do about your digital materials? That’s easy — use an online design program such as Canva that provides templates and a user-friendly interface that can help you create engaging digital content.

Once you’ve created your online marketing products, it’s time to post them on social media. Social media is a major location for direct sales, so using platforms effectively is the key to increased sales. Hootsuite and Sendible are both social media management tools that can help you use the internet to increase profitability.

Incentivize Client Interaction

In a business such as direct sales, getting your foot in the door with potential customers is the first step. Lead magnets, or special offers for customers in exchange for their contact information, are direct sales business tools that help open that door a little wider.

Whether digitally or in-person, a lead magnet can be the key to establishing contact with a potential customer. Once the customer provides their contact information, you can add them to your call or email list and include them in future marketing. They get a special offer and you get their information, making it a win-win situation!

Solidify Team Communication

With direct sales teams often traveling or spread out over large areas, clear and easy communication between and among sales teams is a must. This can include video call platforms such as Skype and Zoom and collaborative calendar and to-do programs such as Asana.

Team communication over the internet gives salespeople clarity and helps everyone do their jobs well. No matter where team members are, everyone can be on the same page.

The Print Authority Can Maximize Your Efficiency

With three decades of experience, The Print Authority is a leader in the printing business. Our expertise with web to print portals includes all facets of printing, from designing portals, designing products, high-quality printing, and lightning-fast distribution. We take care of everything so you can focus on making sales. When you’re ready to take your direct sales business to the next level, contact us today!


Types of Franchise Management Software to Simplify Operations

Whether you’re a franchisor or a franchisee, growing and maintaining a successful franchise is no easy feat. Luckily, many franchise software programs are specifically designed to make management seamless across all locations. If you want to learn more about digital franchise management systems, this is the article for you!

What is Franchise Management Software?

In today’s digital world, technology is the key to franchise success. Franchise management software programs are centralized computer programs that help franchisors and franchisees work together remotely to grow their business. From making data available to all locations to providing quality customer management tools and more, franchise software programs make franchise-wide communication and information-sharing easy.

5 Types of Franchise Management Software that Boost Efficiency

Here are some of the most important types of franchise management software.

1. Web to Print Portals

Web to print portals are perfect tools to ensure that all of your locations have the same high-quality printed products. Through your company’s customized portal, each franchise location can easily order branded printed products that are shipped directly to them.

Why they’re great: Your brand is everything. Web to print portals take care of your franchise’s design, print, and distribution for all printed products, giving you time and energy to focus on other areas of operations. You can manage your company’s branding efforts while giving locations customization options, easily facilitating company-wide rollouts, and benefiting from set pricing. Web to print portals are the key to uniformly stellar company-wide printed products, and they increase both professionalism and efficiency.

2. Inventory and Supply Chain Managers

If your franchise sells products, you need a resource that tracks sales and inventory across all locations. An inventory and supply chain manager updates in real-time so that products can be restocked in a timely manner.

Why they’re great: No one wants to run out of products — not you, not your customers, and, certainly, not your projected profits. Inventory and supply chain managers make sure that you’re never stuck in the unenviable position of telling a customer “I’m sorry, that item is currently out of stock.”

3. Customer Relationship Management Software

Whether you’re creating a targeted marketing strategy or keeping track of customer accounts, you need to have a centralized customer management resource. Your customer relationship management software keeps track of everything related to the franchise-customer interface. These include loyalty programs, customer registration, purchase records, marketing demographics, and more.

Why it’s great: Without your customers, you have no business! Your goal is to provide great service that makes people want to come back for more. In order to do this, you need to treat your customers well.

4. Data Synchronization and File Sharing Programs

Franchises generate endless data: sales reports, product costs, labor and operations expenses, employee performance scores, and more. Transferring huge amounts of data and files between locations requires software that uses cloud-based data storage. All files and data are centrally located so that branches and central management can access the information they need at any time.

Why they’re great: Knowledge is power. The more information you have about your performance, sales, and expenses, the better you can adjust your operations to ensure that you’re increasing efficiency and profits.

5. Business Process Management

Business process management software unifies your company’s protocols across locations. Typically a cloud-based software, it can do everything from providing onboarding materials to handling paid time off (PTO) requests.

Why it’s great: Communication is key. With lots of vertical and horizontal communication happening simultaneously, a central platform for company-wide protocol dissemination is a must. It helps all of your locations stay on the same page, leading you to success!

Set Up Your Franchise’s Web to Print Portal Today

When you’re ready to simplify your franchise operations with a custom web to print portal, The Print Authority is here to help! With three decades of experience making web to print portals for franchises of all sizes, we’re experts in the field and know how to make the perfect web to print portal for your company. Contact us today to learn more!