How to Market a Home-Based Business

The coronavirus crisis has pushed huge swathes of the U.S. population out of the office and into home environments over the last few weeks. Some people are working at their job from home, while others have lost their jobs.

Millions of people are spending more time at home during this crisis. According to the experts, having much of the population at home will reduce infection rates and save lives.

But what will be the effect of all of this home-based activity when the crisis is past? And how can you market a home-based business?

The Effect of Home-Based Businesses

Although no one can be sure what will happen this time, past recessions usually lead to a new wave of entrepreneurship and home-based businesses.

The danger posed by crowds makes starting up businesses particularly challenging at this time, there are still recession-resistant businesses, providing services and products that people want and need. Even at this challenging time, people need home repairs, some senior citizens need help at home, and people always need help with cleaning projects and yard work.

In fact, many famous IT businesses started in a garage or attic and eventually led to larger companies employing many.

The Key to Success

One thing that all startups and home-based businesses need is credibility. Customers need to know that a business is legitimate and trustworthy.

In many cases, print marketing can build the reputation of a strong, home-based business.

Although there are many ways to achieve this goal, professionally printed stationery and marketing materials can go a long way toward building trust. When considering how to market a home-based business, it’s one of the most important components!

Business cards are one of the least expensive forms of marketing available and tell people how to contact you in the event they need your services. Brochures and booklets can tell your story in more detail and can spell out how you can help clients in-depth. Door hangers and mailers can reach new prospects without having to meet them in person. Don’t forget simple promotional products like pens, mugs, apparel, and specialty printed items also help keep your business in front of potential customers. All of these materials can tell people where to go for more information or to place orders online.

So, if you are starting a home-based business, create a marketing plan including both digital and printed marketing, and be sure to use a professional design and printing company to create an outstanding image for your business.

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Outsourced vs. In-House Printing: Pros and Cons of Each

Printing is a demanding service that can make or break a business’s marketing efforts. Because of this, there are two printing options that are utilized to meet hasty deadlines and fulfill stringent demands: outsourced and in-house printing.

Businesses with the resources to man a printing department opt to keep printing efforts in-house. Moreover, other businesses may choose to outsource printing to a reliable printing company to free up valuable resources and allocate budget to other areas of business.

Either option is lucrative based on the business’s own unique needs; nonetheless, have their disadvantages.

Take stock of your business requirements and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing and in-house printing to determine which option is appropriate for your business. Keep reading to learn more!

Pros and Cons of In-House Printing

In-house printing refers to printed materials that are designed, printed, and shipped internally. While this operation may work well for some companies, there are many things to consider before implementing it in your business. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of creating products in-house.


  • The company has complete control over materials and campaigns from beginning to end, including turnaround time.
  • Over time, if you have experienced staff and quality products, the cost of in-house printing may pay off.


  • The cost and effort to hiring and train staff, purchase printing equipment, and maintain the process over time can be expensive.
  • If you require low-volume prints, the costs of in-house printing may not be justified.
  • Innovation and design are limited to the knowledge of the in-house staff. Also, the team is limited to the resources that are provided to them.

In-house printing is a terrific option for some business; however, for others, outsource printing services may be the answer to their vital printing needs.

Pros and Cons of Outsourced Printing

Outsourced printing refers to printing that is done by a printing company. The business partners with a printing company, communicates a design or provides mock-ups, and collaborated with the printing company until the desired product is met. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of working with a third party printer!


  • Experienced printing companies have a variety of printing options, like digital and offset printing. Additionally, they have the appropriate knowledge to help you decide which option would be best for your printing project.
  • Printing companies offer a slew of printing products like flyers, posters, and business cards. In addition, many also have a variety of novelty items like banners, mugs, car magnets, and more!
  • Many printing companies have professional graphic design services, including concept development and creation, branding, logo design, and more
  • Outsource printers can also produce a fast turnaround time. For example, The Print Authority typically ships on the same day or the day after your order and have rush printing services to help you get what you need on time!
  • On-demand printing services allow you to order products as-needed, rather than getting backorders, storing items on-site, and paying cancelation fees for changing the product.


  • You may have less control over the production process since you are not overseeing the printing process in your company.
  • You must work with a quality printing company with high standards. Not all printing companies offer top-notch service.
  • If you have high volume printing needs and the means to conduct in-house printing effectively, in-house printing may be a better investment.

As shown here, the advantages of outsourcing printing are aplenty. For this reason, a majority of businesses seek out the printing capabilities of third party printers.

Work With a High-Quality Printing Company

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Tips for Transitioning to Takeout During Coronavirus

Restaurant owners and managers face a harsh new reality due to the onset of the coronavirus crisis. At the moment, social distancing is restricting many businesses.

While our leaders try to help us cope with the most serious public health crisis in over 100 years, states and local governments have enacted severe restrictions on restaurants and other public venues to reduce the spread of the disease. All of these measures save lives, but at the same time, cause hardship on restaurants and other businesses.

In many locations, restaurant owners are no longer allowed to serve dine-in customers, remaining open only to serve to takeout or delivery orders. What can a restaurant owner or manager do to reduce the toll on his or her business?

Many restaurant owners and managers still have the ability to do takeout and delivery, so why not maximize this business?

While it’s true that dine-in business may generally constitute 80% or more of normal sales volume, this is not a normal time. It is just possible that many consumers will appreciate a well-run delivery or food takeout service as a welcome diversion in this time of social distancing.

So, what are the hurdles to quickly expanding or implementing a takeout or delivery program?

How to Market Your Restaurant for Takeout During Coronavirus

Surely, the food needs to be freshly prepared, tasty and packaged for pickup or delivery. Perhaps some dishes are great for dine-out business, where others are best served in-house. You need a system to take the orders accurately, and to be sure they are ready on time.

The missing element in rapidly expanding your takeout business may be marketing. You need to let all potential customers know that you are open for takeout orders and want their business.

Obviously, a great website will help. Beyond that, though, there are other things you can do to generate business.

Check out these three business stationery ideas to help generate business during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Takeout Menus

First off, an excellent printed takeout menu will help raise sales. Unlike an online menu, takeout menus will likely stay with diners at home if they like your food. The menu will remind them of their last meal with you and may generate another order. Be sure the printed takeout menu is designed well, professionally printed, and folded.

2. Door Hangers

Second, you may want to create door hangers or some other kind of leave behind to entice new customers to give you a call. Door hangers are inexpensive and can be used in your local area to find new customers. Best of all, you don’t need to see anyone to leave them behind.

3. Coupon

Lastly, you may want to consider some kind of coupon or special offer to help get people to give your takeout service a try. One inexpensive way to do that is to put the discount on the back of business cards. Another option would be to use a large size flyer to get noticed. A third idea is to put the coupon onto the takeout menu itself. You might limit the special offer to first-time users of your takeout service to build your customer base.

Coronavirus Impacting Your Restaurant? Print Your Marketing Materials Today!

While it may not be possible to make up the lost business from in house dining with takeout/delivery services, a successful takeout program could make a real difference in meeting your expenses.

If you are looking for a strong source for design and printing of takeout menus, flyers, door hangers or coupons, give the experts at The Print Authority a try. We have over 29 years of experience working with the hospitality industry and do both offset and digital printing.

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Restaurant Takeout Menu Printing

How to Get Free Referrals for Your Franchise

Do you need to get referrals for your franchise, but want to do it as cost-efficient as possible?

Our team at The Print Authority has had the opportunity to meet and interact with franchisees and learn about their challenges first hand.

In this article, we are going to share some helpful information to help you get free referrals!

Is Online Advertising Effective at Getting Referrals?

In today’s digital age, it is easy for new franchisees to be enchanted by online advertising. Pay per click (PPC) advertising is everywhere and Search Engine Optimization offers many other ways to connect with customers online.

Some digital services vendors offer “leads” to franchisees eager to find new business. These leads are typically provided for a fixed amount per lead, but the cost of leads varies widely. Some lead providers send leads to multiple companies so they can each bid on the job.

In the end, a lead provider’s pitch can be enticing. For a small amount of money, many digital advertisers will give you referrals to build your business.

While online advertising can be used successfully, as a franchisee you need to analyze whether these leads are profitable and whether they will help your business get off the ground. Most new franchisees have little staff, seemingly making it easier to rely on online leads to make the business grow.

At the same time, many franchisees struggle to get infant businesses off the ground using primarily online advertising.

So how can you get free referrals that work effectively?

How to Get Free Referrals to Grow Your Franchise

While there are many ways to grow your business, it is important not to ignore the tried and true methods. Although getting leads from satisfied customers may not be as fast as online advertising, many of your loyal customers are happy to refer friends and neighbors without a referral fee.

It’s important to note that online advertising is important and plays a huge roll in getting referrals. However, obtaining referrals offline is often more cost-effective in the long run, even if it takes a little extra work. The important thing is to generate repeat business which will grow your company!

So, how do you get free referrals? Check out these tips on how to get free referrals:

Go the Extra Mile

Go above and beyond by doing excellent work for new clients! This sounds simplistic, but when you blow new customers away with service, go above and beyond their expectations, and show them you care about their business, you will surely generate free referrals!

Develop Relationships with New Clients

Again, don’t settle for just getting the job done. Get to know clients so you can relate to them on a personal level. The personal touch is missing in many business interactions these days, so you are likely to stand out when you add a personal touch. For example, handwritten thank-you notes show customers you care about them and their business.

Create Ways to Solicit Referrals From Clients

Make referrals easy by actively asking customers when they express that they are happy with your work. Giving them a physical copy of something can help.

For instance, hand out referral cards for customers to give to friends or reward referrals with a discount off a future job. Physical coupons or cards help reinforce your message and keep your name in front of your customers. Another approach is to call clients after a job is done to make sure they are happy and to ask for more business.

Join Networking Organizations

Join Chambers of Commerce and other networking organizations to help spread the word. Although there are membership fees, they may cost less than PPC or online advertising over the long run. Hand out brochures or flyers and have a display to help market your services.

Print Your Marketing Material with an Experienced Printing Company!

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We have three decades of experience providing design and printing services for franchise organizations and other businesses. With low prices, exceptional customer service, and high-quality materials, you won’t find better marketing materials anywhere else!

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Are Restaurant Loyalty Cards Worth It?

Would you like to increase brand awareness for your restaurant?

If so, you’ve probably considered implementing a loyalty program for customers

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about restaurant loyalty cards and whether they are worth implementing in your restaurant!

Are Restaurant Loyalty Cards Effective?

Many people wonder if loyalty cards actually have positive results in their restaurant. Let’s consider some statistics about their effectiveness:

  • In a study, it was found that 45% of diners are more likely to choose a particular restaurant if it belongs to a loyalty program.
  • In another consumer study, it was found that restaurant rewards programs boost visits by 35%.
  • 73% of consumers are more likely to recommend brands with good loyalty programs, according to the Loyalty Report.
  • In the same study, 79% of consumers reported that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with a brand.
  • Additionally, 32% of consumers say loyalty programs make their brand experience better.
  • Finally, 15.12% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand if they are a part of the loyalty program.

In the end, loyalty cards can bring positive results to your restaurant! But how do they attract customers?

How Restaurant Loyalty Cards Attract Customers

Loyalty cards keep your establishment in the customer’s mind. It’s like a business card the customer doesn’t throw away because they want to get the rewards.

Moreover, loyal customers generally provide more business than new customers. For instance, if a customer only needs four more stamps to get a free item, they are more likely to visit your restaurant four more times to get the free item. As a result, loyalty cards are more likely to create regular visitors.

On the other hand, if your loyalty card isn’t designed well, the card probably won’t work as well. Take a look at how you can create a restaurant loyalty card that attracts more customers!

Tips on Making an Effective Restaurant Loyalty Card

One of the most important aspects of creating a restaurant loyalty card that customers like is consistency. For example, say you create a restaurant loyalty card that allows customers to get a free meal when they purchase ten meals. However, if you decide to change your loyalty program, it could leave a negative impression on customers. They may think that your business is not consistent or doesn’t take them seriously.

In other words, if you implement a rewards program, be sure to follow through with your reward promises.

Second, make rewards attainable. If a customer has to spend $50 every visit in order to receive rewards, they may think joining the rewards program isn’t worth it.

Third, make the rewards desirable. Rather than limiting the reward to only a few items, include something for everyone. A flexible rewards list will help increase customer interest and make it more desirable for them to earn. For example, you could include a free appetizer, a free side dish, or even a free meal.

Last but not least, promote the loyalty program. More than anything, you want customers to know about the program. Do more than hand out cards to visitors. Advertise it on social media, emails, mail marketing, and your website.

Print Your Loyalty Cards With a Top Printing Company!

Are you ready to start printing your restaurant loyalty cards?

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Moreover, when you choose digital printing, you can also print your loyalty punch cards and other hospitality products on-demand. On-demand printing allows you to order products as needed, rather than placing everything in backorder, storing items on-site, and paying cancelation fees when you change the product.

In the end, The Print Authority has everything you need to create high-quality loyalty cards! Contact them today for more information!

Restaurant Managers’ Logbook: Do You Need One?

Do you own a restaurant or oversee a restaurant group that involves a lot of employees, equipment, and maintenance daily?

You may have found yourself wondering, What is the key to a smoothly running operation?

There are many factors to consider, but a straightforward solution for improving daily operations is to use a printed restaurant logbook.

Find out everything you need to know about the restaurant managers’ logbook in this article!

What Does Using a Restaurant Managers’ Logbook Accomplish?

1. Provides a Visual Record

Logbooks provide a visual record of operations successes and failures. They can help your manager make sure maintenance and personnel issues are appropriately addressed. Logbooks are an excellent way to monitor performance for multi-restaurant chains. Regional managers can quickly assess how well franchise or company standards are being adhered to.

2. Ensures Issues are Addressed Right

Logbooks give the management a way to make sure customer issues are adequately addressed. At the end of the day, your patrons are your business, and you want to make sure they are happy and come back.

3. Monitors Trends

Logbooks are a great way to monitor trends in the business, tracking factors that are important to the restaurant’s success.

The weather, day of the week and time of day make a big difference in how a restaurant performs. In addition, the manager can track trends with employees to make sure the restaurant is staffed correctly, and all team members perform well.

4. Provides an Organized Place for Contacts, Procedures, and Food Safety

Logbooks provide one centralized place to list vendors, maintenance suppliers, and emergency contacts. Emergency procedures can also be listed there.

Logbooks are also a great place to have a list of items that must be checked regularly. They help management be sure everyone is prepared for the daily rush! They may even help create a standard procedure for restaurant technology, allowing everyone to be on the same page.

Moreover, restaurant logbooks are vital in preparing and serving food safely. The manager can track food safety factors like cleanliness and temperature in food production areas.

Basic Structure of a Printed Logbook

Although there are probably hundreds of ways to design a printed restaurant managers’ logbook, the basics are relatively straightforward. Here’s how to organize your book:

  • The logbook should cover a specific time. For example, the book may cover the next month, quarter, or year. Generally speaking, though, a quarter is a reasonable period so that the book will not be too massive, nor is it too expensive to replace if it’s lost.

There should then be a sheet or two to cover each day with space for managers to make notes related to maintenance issues, personnel challenges, customer complaints, and safety issues. Be sure to provide specific spaces for things that are important for business success.

  • Index tabs or other dividers are a good idea to separate smaller periods, such as a week or a month. This will help keep the book organized and make the logbook easier to use.
  • You may want an area where vendors, maintenance call numbers, or other important information are printed. It is best to have this information either at the front or the back of the book.
  • Attractive covers make the book easy to spot and harder to lose. You may even want to change the covers periodically when the book is updated.

Above all else, make sure the logbook is used. Logbooks are worthless if they sit under a pile of paper or are discarded in the trash. Keep the book out in the open where employees can easily locate and reference when needed.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to get input from managers on how to make the logbook more effective.

Get High-Quality Logbooks at the Best Price with The Print Authority!

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9 Things That Make Great Print Fulfillment Services

Let’s say you are in charge of managing the flow of printed and related marketing materials for a restaurant group, franchise, dealer network, or other multi-location business. You have several options to get this work done.

Some companies handle the printing and distribution process internally. Other companies employ local print fulfillment services with varying degrees of success. Still, others use a more regional or national printing fulfillment provider. Deciding how to best handle the printing and distribution of materials on an ongoing basis is exhausting.

Outsourcing the printing and distribution process to a specialist has many benefits. For example, it typically provides companies with a better focus and more time to work on their core business function. However, outsourcing will only succeed if the web to print orders are handled seamlessly. For instance, end-users must receive the right materials produced correctly and on time.

So, what should you look for in a printing fulfillment company? And what are the best practices of top printing fulfillment providers?

The Print Authority has been in business for 29 years, with successful printing fulfillment relationships lasting for decades. Based on this experience, here are some ideas of what characteristics to look for with print fulfillment services.

The 9 Things You Should Look for in Printing Fulfillment Services

1. Customized Service

Every customer is different!

Some customers need advice on the best way to get jobs done quickly. For others, the brand is paramount, and companies need help making sure brand standards are maintained. Still other customers view making franchisees truly happy with each order as the most important factor.

It sounds basic, but outstanding printing fulfillment providers get to know you and your needs. If you feel like your customer service contact at a printing fulfillment company is detached or doesn’t care that much about the orders coming in, something is definitely wrong!

2. Quality Standards

The most successful printing fulfillment companies understand each customer’s unique expectations and quality standards. While quality control seems simple, understanding customer expectations from the beginning is one of the keys to a successful relationship.

Furthermore, the best printing fulfillment companies will fix problems proactively and find solutions, rather than arguing about cause or blame. Above all else, the tenure of a printing fulfillment provider’s team can tell you a lot about quality. Constant turnover makes it much harder to provide top-notch quality.

So look for a printing company who is accountable for their actions, strives for quality, and has low turnover.

3. Speed

Understanding customer turnaround needs for both routine jobs and special projects is paramount. There are a huge variety of printing processes available, and production times for these processes vary.

In addition, the attitude of the printing fulfillment provider and the team has a huge impact. It may be worth testing a provider with a rush job at the beginning of the relationship. Is the rush job viewed as a challenge to meet or as a burden?

4. Easy to Use Technology

The internet is a big part of web to print ordering, but the level of sophistication of printing portals can vary greatly. The quality may be determined by the underlying software, but the experience level of the person building and maintaining the site also matters.

A successful provider should feel comfortable with your project and know the features and limitations of their software. Ideally, use someone with experience who can show you how your site will work.

5. Competitive Pricing Without Being Bottom of the Barrel

If a printing fulfillment provider pushes low costs above all else, beware! There is always an element of getting what you pay for. Extreme low pricing frequently comes with low service or quality.

If printing is important to your image, choose someone who will represent your brand well. In addition, redos and mistakes are costly and time-consuming. The best providers have low redo rates…ask!

6. Appropriate Suggestions

Experienced printing fulfillment providers have knowledge to share. This is a huge resource that can work in your favor.

For instance, is there a paper size that is slightly different than your requested size that will be more efficient and save you money? Are there issues with a particular type of stock? These are the sorts of issues that a great partner should raise when you have a new project or need help. Your print fulfillment company should have your best interests in mind.

7. Flexibility

Successful printing fulfillment companies look at challenges from different angles and put forth multiple ideas to solve problems. If a company seems rigid or only interested in “standard” jobs, beware. You may encounter trouble down the road when your job is not standard.

8. Easy to Understand Contracts

Printing fulfillment companies come in many flavors and sizes. Some of them have no contracts at all, while others have documents that seem to be prepared by a district attorney.

Look for providers with simple and understandable contracts that help set the parameters of the relationship from the beginning. Long and onerous contracts may indicate that the provider is more concerned with risk management than providing outstanding service.

At the same time, companies operating without contracts may lack experience or understanding of the issues involved in providing print fulfillment services.

9. Integrity

Above all else, work with an honest company that reflects your values. This will help ensure a healthy, long-term partnership.

Partner with the Right Printing Company!

Hopefully, you now have a good idea of the best traits a successful printing fulfillment provider brings to the table. If you are looking for an experienced provider who will put customer service, quality, and your success first, give the professionals at The Print Authority a try. Contact us today for more information! We promise to uphold all nine of these nine standards!

2020-2021 Franchise Trade Show Calendar

Trade shows serve as an exhibition for companies showcasing new products and services.

Usually, these trade shows cater to a specific industry and are not open to the public. Franchise expos often feature hundreds, or even thousands, of business owners with franchise opportunities.

Incidentally, franchise trade shows and conventions happen year-round in many locations all over the world.

In this article, you can get a glimpse of all trade shows happening in the United States, Canada, and internationally in 2020 and 2021. Each franchise trade show and franchise convention are listed alphabetically by city name.

Find out which franchise expos you would like to make an appearance at in this comprehensive list!

2020 United States Franchise Trade Shows and Conventions

franchise expo

The United States has a wealth of franchise trade shows nationwide. Pack your bags and prepare for the following franchise conventions!

International Franchise Association (IFA)Feb 8-11Orlando World Center Marriott | Orlando, Florida
The Great American Franchise Expo DallasFeb 15-16Irving Convention Center| Dallas, Texas
The Franchise Show New York/New JerseyFeb 15-16New York/New Jersey Meadowlands Expo Center | Secaucus, New Jersey
Franchise Expo SouthFeb 20-22The Miami Beach Convention Center | Miami, Florida
IFA’s 61st Annual ConventionFeb 21-24Mandalay Bay Convention Center | Las Vegas, Nevada
The Great American Franchise Expo HoustonFeb 22-23Stafford Centre | Houston, Texas
The Franchise Show AustinFeb 29-Mar 1Austin Convention Center | Austin, Texas
The Franchise Investment ConferenceMar 9-11Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West Hotel | Plano, Texas
The Great American Franchise Expo TampaMar 14-15Tampa Convention Center | Tampa, Florida
Franchise Expo NashvilleMar 20-21Music City Center | Nashville, Tennessee
The Franchise Show ChicagoMar 28-29Donald E. Stephens Convention Center | Rosemont, Illinois
The Franchise Show PhiladelphiaApr 4-5Pennsylvania Convention Center | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Multi-Unit Franchising ConferenceApr 14-17Caesars Forum | Las Vegas, Nevada
The Great American Franchise Expo OrlandoApr 18-19Orange County Convention Center | Orlando, Florida
The Franchise Show SeattleApr 25-26Greater Tacoma Convention Center| Tacoma, Washington
IFA Legal SymposiumMay 3-5Grand Hyatt | Washington, DC
36th Annual IBA/IFA Joint ConferenceMay 5-6Grand Hyatt | Washington, DC
The Great American Franchise Expo AtlantaMay 6-7Cobb Galleria | Atlanta, Georgia
The Franchise Show Washington DC/VirginiaMay 16-17Dulles Expo Center | Chantilly, Virginia
International Franchise ExpoMay 28-30The Javits Center | New York, New York
The Franchise Show OrlandoJun 6-7Hyatt Regency Orlando | Orlando, Florida
Franchise Expo WestSep 10-12Phoenix Convention Center | Phoenix, Arizona
The Franchise Show San FranciscoSep 18-19Alameda County Fairgrounds | Pleasanton, California
The Great American Franchise Expo San AntonioSep 19-20Henry B. González Convention Center | San Antonio, Texas
Franchise Expo HoustonOct 2-3George R. Brown Convention Center | Houston, Texas
The Great American Franchise Expo MiamiOct 3-4Miami Airport Convention Center | Miami, Florida
The Franchise Show TampaOct 9-10Tampa Convention Center | Tampa, Florida
The Franchise Show BostonOct 23-24Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center | Marlborough, Massachusetts
The Franchise Show DallasNov 6-7Dallas Market Hall | Dallas, Texas
The Franchise Show AtlantaNov 13-14Cobb Galleria | Atlanta, Georgia

2020 Canada Franchise Trade Shows and Franchising Conventions

franchising conventions

Take a trip across the border and network with franchisees in the American and Canadian markets at these upcoming franchise expos.

The Franchise Expo HalifaxFeb 8–9Halifax Convention Center | Halifax, Nova Scotia
The Franchise Expo WinnipegMar 7-8RBC Convention Centre | Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Franchise Expo LondonMar 28-29RBC Place London | London, Ontario
The Franchise Expo VancouverApr 4-5Vancouver Convention Centre | Vancouver, British Columbia
The Franchise Expo MontrealApr 25-26Palais des Congrès | Montreal, Quebec
The Franchise Expo TorontoSep 12-13The International Centre | Toronto, Ontario
The Franchise Expo QuebecSep 19-20ExpoCité, Centre de Foires | Quebec City, Quebec
The Franchise Expo EdmontonSep 26-27Edmonton Expo Center | Edmonton, Alberta
The Franchise Expo OttawaOct 24-25EY Centre | Ottawa, Ontario
The Franchise Expo CalgaryNov 14-15TELUS Convention Centre | Calgary, Alberta

2020 International Franchise Trade Shows and Franchising Conventions

franchise convention

Take your endeavors abroad to a new market and an even larger audience at an international trade show.


The 3rd Azerbaijan International Franchise ForumMar 4-5Boulevard Hotel Baku | Baku, Azerbaijan
Japan International Franchise ShowMar 4-6Makuhari Messe Event Hall | Chiba, Japan
Feria Internacional de FranquiciasMar 5-7World Trade Center Mexico City| Mexico City, Mexico
Franchising & Business Opportunities ExpoMar 20-21ICC Sydney Darling Harbour | Sydney, Australia
Franchise Asia PhilippinesMar 25-29SMX Convention Center | Manilla, Philippines
Seoul International Sourcing FairApr 2-4COEX Convention Center | Seoul, South Korea
International Franchise ShowApr 3-4ExCel London | London, England
Franchising & Business Opportunities ExpoMay 3Crown Perth | Perth, Australia
Franchising & Business Opportunities ExpoJun 19-20Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre | Brisbane, Australia
SAITEX AfricaJun 21-23Gallagher Convention Centre | Johannesburg, South Africa
Franchising & Business Opportunities ExpoAug 21-22Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre | Melbourne, Australia

The Print Authority Can Hook You Up For All Your Expo Printing and Franchise Web to Print Needs!

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The Print Authority has nearly three decades of experience creating materials for trade shows, expos, and conventions. In addition, The Print Authority has wide-ranging expertise in implementing web to print marketing programs for franchise organizations.

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If you need help with franchise marketing or franchise branding, The Print Authority can help with that too! Their high-end graphic design services can help with concept development, branding, logo design, and design for prints of all shapes and sizes. The Print Authority team can help you implement a web to print program for your franchise organization, with expertise creating web portals, maintaining brand standards and helping franchisees grow using print-based marketing.

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How to Train Staff in New Restaurant Technology

Every year, new technologies emerge, and many of these technologies are designed specifically to help restaurants improve efficiency and boost profitability.

The capabilities of new restaurant technology are endless. Today’s restaurant software and technology systems can resolve long wait times, better manage supplies, and organize business operations.

The following are examples of the most recent new restaurant technology that are being implemented nationwide:

  • Digital signs
  • Digital menus
  • Electronic payment system
  • Mobile ordering
  • Delivery-ordering and tracking
  • Scheduling software
  • Digital inventory tracking and automated purchasing tools
  • Tabletop tablets

How will you leverage this new and upcoming restaurant technology?

Even more, how will you train your staff to evolve with this changing technology?

Keep reading to learn about a few techniques to onboard your employees for the next big rollout.

New Restaurant Technology Training Techniques

Gather Important Training Materials

Implementing new technology means your staff will need to learn a new software system or piece of equipment.

A training manual sets the standard for how the technology should be operated. Also, proper training manuals ensure that employees have the appropriate knowledge to use the technology accurately, increasing efficiency, and business profit.

In this case, paper-based training manuals are most effective at communicating a message.

It is true—digital materials are often cheaper. Despite this, various studies support the idea that readers comprehend and retain more information from paper materials than a digital pamphlet.

In other words, you can cut costs with a digital training manual. However, you’ll pay for it later if employees don’t comprehend the information.

Design Your Training Initiatives

When training staff in new restaurant technology, it’s important to remember that everyone learns differently. Therefore, you may need to use a few teaching techniques during your training session(s).

For example, some people are visual learners, which means they learn best by reading or seeing pictures. Other people are auditory learners, which means they learn best by having someone explain something to them. Lastly, tactile/kinesthetic learners will learn best when given hands-on training.

Your restaurant likely has a mixture of every type of learner. Is it possible to accommodate every kind of learning within your training program?

For instance, the printed training materials provide an excellent basis for visual learners and serves as a reference for all employees during the rollout.

You may also consider creating a visual and oral presentation. Explain what your goal is regarding the new technology, how you intend to implement it, your plan for rollout, and how to operate the technology. This way, all employees are on the same page and ready to learn.

After the presentation, show the team how to operate the technology. If possible, have employees operate it themselves. That way, each person gets a hands-on learning experience. If hands-on instruction isn’t possible due to time constraints, consider scheduling a separate time for shadowing.

Train Your Managers First

When your leading employees become experts in technology, they can teach the other employees.

This way of training may be the best option for busy restaurants where there isn’t much downtime. Employees can work together to collaborate and learn while not putting too much pressure on one person to train the entire restaurant staff at once.

It may be best to host an educational, hands-on experience where the group leaders in your restaurant can become familiar with the technology. Once your group leaders become experts in the technology, they can teach the other employees using the training materials you printed.

Be Enthusiastic About Your Vision

It may be hard for older employees to catch on to the new equipment, and some may even resist some of the changes.

Be clear about how and when you intend the product to be used. For instance, if the new restaurant technology is meant to replace an old one, show how the new product will be part of a new routine.

Be positive about it and talk about how it will improve your company. When you show how exciting the new technology can be, your employees may be more likely to get involved in the process.

As an option, share the positive effects the new technology is having on your business weekly. It can help the staff see how successful the change is.

Print Your Training Materials Today!

If you have more than one restaurant location, you may consider getting a roll out kit, which includes all the printed material you would need for your restaurant changes.

For instance, do you need server cards, quiz sheets, new table tents, or menus? The right printing company can create everything you need for every one of your restaurant locations.

The Print Authority has custom roll out kits for any new restaurant implementations you may need. They can print custom training materials and other printed products and send them to any of your restaurant locations.

Their graphic design program, customizable web to print portal, commercial printing services, and binding services allow you to design and create exactly what you need to roll out your new restaurant technology.

In addition, The Print Authority has revolutionized the printing industry with their on-demand printing services. If you would like to print a continuous supply of products or would like to ship your training materials to different locations, on-demand printing may be the perfect cost-effective solution! You can make changes to your order without paying extra fees, avoid backorders, save on storage space, and order items when you need them.

For more information, contact The Print Authority today!

Top 20 Unique Grand Opening Ideas for Small Businesses

Are you planning to open a business soon?

Attract a large crowd and invite your local community with a grand opening! A grand opening is a skillful way to celebrate your hard work and gain a community presence.

There are several avenues you can take to plan a successful grand opening—whether you’re a restaurant, retail store, or otherwise.

However, if you’re not an avid event planner by trade, it can be overwhelming.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of unique grand opening ideas for small businesses. Start planning your grand opening today!

Advertising Your Grand Opening

It wouldn’t be a grand opening without a crowd! Invite the local community to your grand opening with these advertising ideas.

grand opening ideas for restaurants

1. Distribute Flyers

While digital marketing techniques are efficient, don’t underestimate the power of offline advertisements. In fact, printing can help your business reputation and can have a significant impact on the turnout of your grand opening.

Enlist the help of a graphic designer to create breathtaking flyers, jazz up excitement, and advertise your grand opening.

State the name of your business, the location, as well as the date and time of the grand opening. Add a few sentences or bullet points explaining what will happen at your grand opening. If applicable, list some of the products or services you offer.

Create a visually-appealing flyer with graphic elements. For example, a salon could have an image of a woman with flowing hair. A restaurant could have a picture of a featured item on the menu. A retail store may have images of popular clothing styles that are featured in the shop.

The right flyer will spread the word of your grand opening and attract tons of visitors! But be sure to pass out flyers well in advance of your grand opening.

2. Count Down on Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing agent. Consider posting a digital rendering of your flyer and make a count down of the days until your grand opening.

Social media marketing is meant to spread awareness and get people excited about your business. So, post regularly and keep your audience informed.

The following list is a few social media ideas to entice followers:

  • Site tour: Are you renovating the property? This can be a great visual countdown to the opening.
  • Product sneak peeks: Do you have a new and exciting product coming to the market? Give your audience a sneak peek of what’s in store for the future.
  • Staff introductions: Create a rapport with your audience and introduce them to the new staff.

3. Give Local Businesses Custom Products

Reaching out and partnering with local businesses is a great way to build business relationships in your community.

Provide local businesses with branded custom products to spread awareness of your new business.

For example, perhaps you could supply a local restaurant or coffee shop to-go cups with your logo and grand opening date printed on them. You could also print your logo on coasters and give them to a local bar for guests to use.

Return the favor and offer special discounts or deals for employees at the establishments that distribute your custom products.

4. Get Involved With the Community

Making connections in your community will allow you to build a reliable customer base before the opening.

Perhaps a community event is taking place where you can participate. Set up a booth to talk face-to-face with community members. Or, pass out branded merchandise—like car magnets or stickers—and products.

Additionally, you may even consider partnering with a charity to promote community involvement.

Grand Opening Decoration Ideas

Celebrate the grand opening with branded decorations and promotional items.

grand opening decoration ideas

5. Let Your Brand Be Your Focus

If you decide to make a festive display of streamers, balloons, and other decorations, be sure to keep everything on-brand. Stick to colors that are in your logo and decorations that represent your products or services.

For example, are you opening a rustic coffee shop? Why not decorate with flowers, fairy lights, and a chalkboard sign at the entrance?

If you are opening a classy salon, perhaps you could find decorations that are makeup-themed, such as balloons in the shape of lips or streamers with your brand colors.

6. Set Up a Table With Promotional Products

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Set up a table featuring free products that advertise your business. Useful branded items are a timeless option to promote your business.

Many businesses will opt for giveaway items like magnets, keychains, pens, pins, tote bags, reusable water bottles, and stickers.

Customers are more likely to use these items and gain the attention of curious passersby.

7. Design a Grand Entrance

Indicate that you have an event at your location with a grand entryway to attract passersby.

For example, many companies order a large balloon arrangement that wraps around the entrance door. Other grand openings may have a large banner or sign to advertise the event.

But why not get even more creative with it? Perhaps your retail store has a red carpet leading guests through the entrance. Or have greeters stationed outside, inviting people in and handing out coupons or samples?

Even if people haven’t seen your local advertisements, social media posts, or email updates, anyone who is in the area is sure to notice your grand opening with a festive entrance!

8. Print Posters and Banners

It’s a good idea to print a large banner to place at the entrance of your store or restaurant, so people know what is going on. Additionally, posters are a great way to showcase the items you sell, the services you offer, and the discounts you have available.

The more inviting your store or restaurant is, the more likely people are to stop by.

Grand Opening Ideas for Restaurants

Whet potential customer’s appetite with the following grand opening ideas for restaurants.

ideas for restaurants

9. Host a Soft Opening

Soft openings attract new customers while allowing you to get valuable feedback on your food and services.

Your soft opening can be a festive event where you invite the families of your employees, local businesses in your area, or keep it open to the community. How you choose to have your soft opening is entirely up to you.

Decorate your restaurant for this event to impress. Consider printing table tents or other printed materials for your restaurant, showcasing what your restaurant will look like when you open.

Pass out a feedback survey as guests complete their meals or leave the event to gain feedback. This feedback will allow you to evaluate the performance of your staff and the quality of your meals.

In turn, you can adjust your services to improve the customer’s experiences.

10. Offer Free Food or Products

Restaurant grand openings are the perfect opportunity to offer something free to your guests. For instance, a drink, hors d’oeuvres, or a refillable cup can attract foot traffic to your grand opening.

As with everything, let your restaurant brand be your focus. For instance, if you offer any free items for people to take home, print your restaurant name on them.

11. Hire Entertainment

There is nothing more refreshing than live music. In fact, according to a 2016 study, 32 million people go to at least one music festival per year.

If you have space in your restaurant, invite a local band to drum up excitement, and set the festive mood.

Grand Opening Ideas for Retail Store

Start with a bang and make a profit opening day with these grand opening ideas for retail stores.

grand opening ideas for retail store

12. Offer Opening-Day Discounts

Many successful retail store grand openings have significant discounts on items.

While you want to make money with your new store, having a 50% off discount can attract many new customers for your grand opening and leave a great impression.

13. Set Out Snacks and Beverages

Complimentary cookies, doughnuts, coffee, or lemonade will encourage customers to stay longer.

Place a display of some of your sale items near the food and beverage table. This way, they have something to look at while they eat their snack and sip on their drink.

The more you offer your guests, the more likely they may be to purchase something.

14. Make it Festive

As mentioned, decorating your grand opening is a must. However, your retail store can go above and beyond with some creative festivities.

For instance, you could have employees model outfits for customers or even put on a mini runway show to showcase your best clothes.

15. Host a Giveaway

Giving gifts at your retail store is a great way to attract tons of buyers at your grand opening.


Host giveaways or offer a gift with every purchase over a certain amount.

For example, you could offer tote bags, T-shirts, a gift card to your store, or another item.

Customers will be encouraged to purchase items from your store to get their gift or stay long enough for the giveaways to be announced.

Salon Grand Opening Ideas

Primp and prep for the greatest salon grand opening to be remembered.

salon grand opening ideas

16. Host a Party

The best salon grand opening idea is to have a classy party where community members and local businesses can check out your salon, learn about the services you offer, and maybe even try some of your products. Additionally, staff and community members can interact.

17. Take Partygoers on Tours

Show off your experienced staff’s skills with an informal demo and tour.

Be sure the tour isn’t too long. You don’t want visitors getting bored or leaving halfway through. Instead, keep tours to ten minutes or less and have fun things waiting for them after their tour.

Even more, at the end of each tour, offer coupons to individuals and allow patrons to make future bookings.

With a friendly smile and a hands-on experience, customers will keep you in mind the next time they need a hair cut, a mani-pedi or other services.

18. Giveaway Gift Bags

If it’s in your budget, offer a small gift that communicates your brand to customers, represents the style of your salon, and appeals to your target clientele.

For instance, give away special hair ties, nail polish, or a sample of a product you sell.

19. Get Neighboring Businesses Involved

Invite neighboring businesses to come to your event, and offer extra discounts and incentives for visiting.

For instance, perhaps the employees from local businesses get their first hair cut or manicure free or at a discounted price.

In return, these businesses may allow you to advertise your salon at their establishment.

20. Demonstrate Your Services in a How-To Class

A how-to class not only gets people involved with your services, but it also shows visitors how experienced and knowledgable you are, which helps to build your reputation as a salon.

For example, you could teach hairstyling techniques, such as braiding, curling, or straightening.

Consider having the how-to demonstration at your party. This way, whether visitors are on tour, enjoying the festivities, or watching your demonstration, they will be kept entertained.

Where is the Best Place to Print Your Grand Opening Products?

Now that you know of all the best grand opening ideas for small businesses, it’s time to plan your grand opening. To get started, you’ll want to design and print your flyers, banners, posters, and promotional products.

The Print Authority is a top-quality printing company that doesn’t just help people print products, but they can also help with concept development and creation for your branding and logo. Their exceptional graphic design services are customized to your business so you can design, create, and print practically any product you can imagine.

Additionally, you can choose between offset and digital printing services. With digital printing, however, you can choose to print on demand, which allows you to order prints on an as-needed basis. With on-demand printing, you can prevent potential backorders, destruction fees from last-minute changes to your order, and can even save you money.

The Print Authority also uses green printing practices, which help the environment and save you money. As a small, local business, many customers are attracted to “green” businesses that promote healthy living, community involvement, recycling, and being natural. When you use green printing practices with The Print Authority, you are taking the first step toward green practices that may attract more customers in your area!

For more information about how The Print Authority can help your grand opening ideas come to fruition, contact them, or request a custom quote!